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Special Edition: Talk at the Port

With the issue of the Port Project being still debated, this reporter set out to gauge the opinions of the visitors themselves.  Below are the responses of eight individuals. 

Francisco, Peru, 37:

                “I think it would be better if there was a dock for the ships to use.  We had to take a small boat to shore and it took a little while.  The boat was comfortable though.”


George, United States, 46:

                “I liked taking a tender from the ship to the dock.  It was easy to board and the captain was nice.  Plus, we got to look down at the water while we were coming in.  I spotted a school of tarpon.  It was awesome.”


Margaret, United States, 54:

                “I think it would be better if the tenders were more comfortable, but I have seen what it takes to build a huge dock.  The dredging and the construction would change the way this harbor looks.  Then it wouldn’t seem like a beautiful island anymore.”

Florinda, Panama, 35:

                “Building a big dock would make it easier for passengers to get off the ship.  It should make it quicker too.  Then maybe we could have more time on shore.”

Laura, Canada, 62:

                “I am not so young anymore and it is not so easy to get around.  So, I thought it would be hard for me to take the small boats from the ship, but the boat captain and crew made it so easy.  They were there to help me and I could then relax and enjoy the scenery as we came into shore. You have a beautiful island.  I hope it stays that way for a long time to come.”


Alfred, Peru, 42:

                “The tenders were fine.  I don’t think it would be very much quicker if there was a dock.  And, at one port where there was a dock, we had to walk for about 400 meters from the ship to the shore.  That seemed like forever, after we had walked around and shopped all day.  Today, I will be glad to take the tender to the ship.”


Delroy, United States, 48:

                “I have actually been following this situation here in the Caymans about whether to build a port.  I have been here before and have dived the Balboa.  I would hate to think that it might be destroyed if a dock is built.  To me, that wouldn’t be worth it.  I, for one, am ok with taking tenders to shore.”


Fred, United States, 41:

                “I’m not sure if the dock would make it quicker or easier for passengers to get off the ship, but it was a nice experience with the tenders.  We got to take a scenic boat ride into shore.  The first people locals we met were the captain and crew of the tender and they were so nice and helpful.  Who wouldn’t like that?”    

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David Miller

09 Aug, 2015 08:16 AM

Using a dock would have to be better then waiting in line for 20-25 minutes before you load a tender then a 5 min. ride then 7-10 minutes to get off tender20-25 minutes plus standing in line for 20-25 minutes until the next one loads. That must be frustrating don't you feel?
Then on the way back ,did anybody ask those people standing in the sun or rain? More then 45 minutes with every available tender in use? Think how easy it is to use a round a bout as oppose to waiting for the light to turn green? Thats 2 1/2 minutes.

3 6

David miller

09 Aug, 2015 08:07 AM

I'm 61 years old I'm Caymanian I owned one tour bus. When I started driving my first bus was 1989. I chose prebook from then. I don't make as much money as some others do , but its less stress. We have had cruise ships coming since 1937. As the cruise ship industry has expanded to other parts of the world they have increased in volume. 100 passenger ship which was though of only the rich should be able to take a cruise all the way has changed in the time of Titanic. As the movie showed the poor basically were in the bowels of the ship.
That has changed and people from around the world from all classes can go on cruise. Ships planned to come out nearer to 6000 passengers. No one has a problem with a boat ride (tenders). Its time ,the clock, 6 hours is the average time each ship stays. It was caused from mosquitoes coming out close to 4 pm. So the ships would have to leave. I guess if we took a poll we would find that people don't care about mosquitoes neither. LOL. But of course we are not that naive to believe that blarney story. So with larger ships coming bigger engines being used. We need a dock the cruise ship says so . They manage the people and with all the organization they have tried its human nature for people not to pay attention. It is impossible to get the people off in the time that is allotted. Everyone wants to have the same amount of time as the other people do.

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06 Aug, 2015 08:57 AM

Young as I may come off to others I personally feel that the opinions of the visitors is what really matters for this allegation. Whereas it is all being debated for the mobility of them. Clearly here you can see the concern that they too have for the beauty of our island & also the service they receive makes a mark on their memory from the different yet beautiful experience of tendering. It is more relaxing & special to be tendered to the island rather than tiredly walking in & out. I don't see why this should be prolonged, it's clear that cayman is already great & "improvements" are unnecessary. We are a Island , so small that we're not clearly shown on the map so why try to make our lil island so commercialized? People come here to escape that hostile living. Only debate we should be having now is bringing back caymanian culture to the tourist instead of all these crazy jewelry stores , bunch of restaurants that hardly serve local foods , lack of cultural scenery on the water front example thatch rope making , catfish boats & bands playing music dressed in old cayman attire. That's what tourism is about , showing who we are. I have so much to say but another time I guess or until someone contacts me. Don't just read , also take heed of what a 18 year old had to say.

224 42


06 Aug, 2015 08:43 AM

Thank you for the informative reporting. It is nice to get some 'real' reporting for a change rather than just hear-say reports from people with vested commercial interest!

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