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In a recent opinion-piece of mine I cautioned against conflating the concepts of disapproval with hate, which has become a mainstream practice in the liberal media, and, through the process of idealogical osmosis, is rapidly being accepted as the standard thinking modality.

23 Aug, 2019

Key concerns outstanding on the proposed Cruise Berthing Facility (CBF). Part 1

As the Election’s Office verification process passes 88% and the first constitutionally enshrined people-initiated referendum becomes a certainty, much of the critical data Caymanian voters will need to be able to truly make an informed decision, has still not been made public by the Government.

21 Aug, 2019


And the 14-year-old philosopher is right. “They” have cleverly lumped the indefensible with the legitimate in such a way as to make right look wrong and wrong look right. And woe to anyone who dares question either their ideology or morality. (Pastor Alson Ebanks)

16 Aug, 2019

Letter to Editor: Garbage collection in the Prospect area

I am writing to express concerns about delays in garbage collection in the Prospect area as well as yesterday's unannounced closure of the public drop-off.

16 Aug, 2019


Let’s talk about tolerance, or for that matter intolerance. You may ask why I make no distinction between these opposing attitudes? The answer is this: sometimes when persons accuse you of being intolerant, they may in fact be complimenting you.

09 Aug, 2019

Community Voice. Letter to the Editor

I won't try to speak for the Christian community or any other community for that matter, but I am a Christian, I have a voice and I need to say something.

31 Jul, 2019

CPR Cayman Responds - Verdant Isle's Group Announced as Port Preferred Bidder

Campaigners for a referendum on the port project said Government's announcement on the Preferred Bidder was an expected part of the process and welcomed government’s acknowledgment that no contract should be finalized until after the petition verification process is complete.

29 Jul, 2019

Request for Meeting on People’s Initiated Referendum by CPR Cayman

Further to our letters of May 1, 2019 and May 29, 2019, the cruise port referendum petition has now been handed into the Elections Office and a copy to His Excellency Governor Roper.

08 Jul, 2019

Caymanians, Your Voice Matters!

We just celebrated Father’s Day, and I remember with both pride and sadness my Daddy—that’s what I called him, even as a grown-up. I’m proud that my Daddy was a brave Caymanian who served his country and the whole free world in fighting against Nazi tyranny.

28 Jun, 2019

Are We Facing the Redundancy of Our L.A.?

Over the past several weeks I’ve written a few essays (as I call them), which the Caymanian Times has graciously printed.

21 Jun, 2019
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