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Community Speaks: Vaccine Rollout Takes ‘Centre Stage’

Apart from a few isolated cases of quarantined travelers, the Cayman Islands are for all intents and purposes, Covid-free and a new vaccine may mean that Island nation may soon be able to welcome visitors to its shores once again.

13 Jan, 2021

LGBT activist roasts Government over human rights

In a blistering attack on what they perceive as a litany of failures by Cayman’s Government, Billie Bryan, Founder & President, of Colours Caribbean, is calling for accountability within Government, better protection for vulnerable communities and a far better record on ensuring human rights for all

06 Jan, 2021


We as consumers have a unique opportunity to petition for some MORTGAGE JUSTICE in these Cayman Islands! You are no doubt aware of the abuses that the public has suffered, with many properties sold at UNDERVALUE. This must stop!

16 Oct, 2020


Before I discuss how pension funds can be retained while funding employees in these desperate times, I take a moment to once again congratulate the Premier and his Government for consulting and following the advice of the medical fraternity on the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic.

20 Apr, 2020

Thank You From Mary Thompson

For the many efforts you, as our Government and Police Department have made in trying to keep the Cayman Islands as healthy as possible from the coronavirus, I want to say a big “Thank you” to everyone involved.

30 Mar, 2020

A Call for New Political Leaders

Elected politicians are the only group of Caymanian workers that are protected from competition from qualified expats in the workplace.

02 Mar, 2020


On behalf of all who are involved with the public interest activities and efforts of the Concerned Citizens Group, we would like to publicly thank most sincerely all of you who came to the Court House on Thursday, 9th January 2020 to give moral support to the cause for preserving....

25 Jan, 2020

Letter from our reader: 'Colours Cayman'

The Cayman Compass recently ran an article titled “Colours Cayman: Deportation comments in LA ‘blatant and gross abuse of power’”, which has provoked this response from me and on behalf of many, many others who shared their own views on this article and demand with me.

25 Dec, 2019 7 Comments

Letter to Editor: Cruise Port Referendum Cayman

With the holidays around the corner and the referendum delayed, CPR Cayman wishes to take this opportunity to ensure that the public understands what has happened and that individuals are aware of what they can do to continue to advocate for transparency and a brighter future for Cayman.

18 Dec, 2019

The true cost of not enhancing our port

Some persons have been arguing that this port will cost us too much and that it will place a burden on future generations.

09 Dec, 2019
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