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Introducing Happi

Happi by name happy by nature! This girl’s tail does not stop swishing. How can you resist this level of happiness?

23 Feb, 2018

Introducing Nimbus and Nimrod

Nimbus (all black) – our shining dark cloud. From his time in foster care we’ve really gotten to see Nimbus’ lovely personality.

16 Feb, 2018

Meet Hickory and Holliwood

Introducing Hickory (male) and Holliwood (female)! These 2 sweet but shy kittens are dreaming if their furever home.

09 Feb, 2018

This is Eliza

Eliza came in with Elena when their owner realised he could not care for them properly. Eliza is a very friendly dog who is very tuned-in with people.

02 Feb, 2018

This is Elena

We don’t know how anyone can resist Elena! She is such a cutie! This small dog of around 40lbs has personality seeping through her skin! She LOVED riding in the car and she is so photogenic!

26 Jan, 2018

This is Roxy

Could Roxy be your new BFF? Roxy was found wandering. She is a 5 year old girl with a big heart.

19 Jan, 2018

This is Joseph

Joseph came to us mid-December when he was found with multiple bite wounds to his neck. He had been attacked by other dogs on the street.

12 Jan, 2018

Adopt a Pet: This is Jepetto

Jepetto came to us a few weeks ago. He was left in our drop box with his best friend Jillaroo.

05 Jan, 2018

Adopt a Pet: This is Frank

Frank is in need of a foster home to recover from his leg surgery. He has had extensive surgery to fix his fractured leg. Can you help him? Right now he is very scared and needs a place to rest and people to trust. Please help him if you can.

05 Jan, 2018

This is Edgar

Edgar was brought in from West Bay when it had been discovered that his owners had up and left and left poor Edgar to fend for himself.

15 Dec, 2017
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