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Tuesday, Aug 11 2020, 07:15 PM
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While Cayman grapples with the issue of its Domestic Partnership bill, the broader issue now entering the social and political discourse elsewhere in the region to an extent not seen before.

10 Aug, 2020

Guyana appoints Ali as leader

Guyana’s opposition party has won a bitterly contested general election and sworn in a new leader, ending a prolonged political standoff that had crippled investment and heightened ethnic tensions.

05 Aug, 2020

Jamaican schoolgirl banned for dreads

Jamaica’s high court said that Kensington Primary School was well within its rights to require a 5-year-old to cut off her dreadlocks before attending classes. It has led to a widespread debate on the issue.

05 Aug, 2020

Cuba relying more on dollars

Cuba’s economy is so low for a number of reasons that it now relies far more on the US dollar to prop up its economy. Lines that stretch back hundreds of metres along Third Avenue in Havana's Playa district are a daily occurrence to stock up on essentials. Many queue for hours in the blazing sun.

05 Aug, 2020

St Lucia to build $6m supermarket

St Lucia will see a new building costing an estimated EC$20 million (KY$6.15m) to be constructed in Castries by next year. Massy Stores Supermarket which currently operates from the William Peter Boulevard in Castries will be the building’s sole tenant.

05 Aug, 2020

Dominica featured in Forbes

Dominica is featured in Forbes.com for its progressive attitude and ability to overcome adversity. Forbes.com praises Dominica for its “commitment to climate resilience — through renewable energy, organic agriculture, ecotourism, sustainable infrastructure and a culture of eco-consciousness....

05 Aug, 2020

LIAT chief has resigned

LIAT’s CEO, Julie Reifer-Jones, has officially announced her resignation. She was the first female ever to hold the role with the regional carrier which she held for three years.

05 Aug, 2020

Bermuda attracts roaming residents too

Bermuda is copying Barbados by offering one-year residencies to anyone rich enough to want to live there for a while to escape all the negativity generated by COVID-19.

05 Aug, 2020

Guyana may see ‘civil war’

Guyana is in so much turmoil four months after its most important election in history, there is still no officially recognised winner. The paralysis is hitting the country’s fledgling oil industry and there are worries it might slide into a racially charged civil war.

29 Jul, 2020

Jamaica promoted in new Bond film

Jamaica is featured in the latest James Bond film. Fans of 007 got a delightful treat last week when the official Instagram account of the latest Bond flick, ‘No Time To Die’, shared two fabulous photos from their filming in Jamaica.

29 Jul, 2020
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