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Community Voice

Seymour hails rise of women

The Cayman Islands has increased its proud record of women in significant roles in public office with the arrival of the new Governor, Jane Owen. She arrived in the Cayman Islands on Friday then was sworn in at the House of Parliament.

24 Apr, 2023

To our loving community, We hope that you all are as excited as we are with this new year!!

Most of you know that Thomas and I acquired our space in Camana Bay 6 days before lockdown due to COVID almost 3 years ago… yeah… 3 Whole Years!!

02 Feb, 2023

Community Voice: Feedback to the digital identity bill

I wish to present this letter as my feedback to the digital identity bill which is to be debated in parliament.

17 Nov, 2022 3 Comments

Letter to the Editor

After several years of visiting other OBGYNs on island for my annual check-up, in July 2022 I decided that I would go to Dr. De Alwis for my next annual check-up.

27 Oct, 2022

Emancipation Day

Please allow me space in your newspaper to correct a major historical distortion which I read on one of the electronic news outlets this morning.

01 Aug, 2022 1 Comments


We the Pastors of the Cayman Ministers’ Association wish to express our very strong disapproval and deep concern regarding the proposed LGBTQ march

26 Jul, 2022 5 Comments

A Love Letter to the Islands

My view of you used to be a tourist’s view. The view of an outsider looking in.

20 Jun, 2022 1 Comments

Voices that Matter – Hearing Our Children Speak!

Few occasions in life can rival the joy experienced at the birth of a child. But this often-celebrated event also carries with it the sobering reality of the challenges associated with parenting.

24 May, 2022 1 Comments

Letter to Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP

Dear Secretary of State, We are Christian ministers and pastoral workers from a broad range of churches, who have in common that we hold to orthodox, historic Christian teaching on sexual ethics.

02 Feb, 2022


‘If anyone can, then a Caymanian can’ seems to be the motto driving many of our readers’ outlook for 2022.

03 Jan, 2022
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