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Tuesday, Dec 07 2021, 07:07 PM
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Community Voice

A Message from Dr. S. Tomlinson FRCS

Judging from the many telephone calls received, I am aware that many persons are gravely concerned about the future of the Cayman Islands as we battle the pandemic so, I hope the following will be helpful...

20 Sep, 2021


“Baby steps.” Those are the words so many have tried to placate me with whenever I’m enquired about my response to “Cayman Gay Pride.”

04 Aug, 2021


We are impelled to advise the people of our beloved Cayman Islands that we view some recent statements of intention of His Excellency the Governor and Premier the Hon Wayne Panton as threatening existentially the future of the Cayman Islands.

26 Jul, 2021 3 Comments

Ramadhan – Fasting In Islam

As of April 13, to May 13, 2021, Muslims here in Cayman observed Ramadhan, one of the sacred months in the Islamic calendar. Many of our friends and neighbors have been intrigued as to what Ramadhan is and why do Muslims celebrate it.

07 Jun, 2021

Community Voice: To Be-Or Not to be-Vaccinated

I write this for two reasons. First I hope it will encourage my fellow Evangelical Christians to remember, as the Psalmist stated, that “Our God is a God of salvation, and to God, the Lord, belong deliverances from death” (Psalm 68:20).

19 May, 2021

Can we attain a percentage voter turnout of 90% or more?

With enough preparation and information citizens can play an important role in shaping the Cayman Islands in which they want to live.

27 Apr, 2021

Recognizing our Brave Women on International Women’s Day

Since I was ten years old, I knew I wanted to be a politician. My mother and many Caymanian women have helped me serve my country as a Public servant in the Civil Service and in Parliament.

19 Mar, 2021

Community Voice: The Party Is Over

The Cayman Islands does not have political parties which are distinguishable based on some clear political ideology, policy approach or vision for the country.

22 Feb, 2021

Community Speaks: Vaccine Rollout Takes ‘Centre Stage’

Apart from a few isolated cases of quarantined travelers, the Cayman Islands are for all intents and purposes, Covid-free and a new vaccine may mean that Island nation may soon be able to welcome visitors to its shores once again.

13 Jan, 2021

LGBT activist roasts Government over human rights

In a blistering attack on what they perceive as a litany of failures by Cayman’s Government, Billie Bryan, Founder & President, of Colours Caribbean, is calling for accountability within Government, better protection for vulnerable communities and a far better record on ensuring human rights for all

06 Jan, 2021
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