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Tuesday, Aug 11 2020, 08:51 PM
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SpaceX mission paves way for space tourists

Space travel for rich, adventurous tourists is a step closer after Nasa astronauts dropped into the sea on Sunday after a successful pioneering SpaceX mission to the International Space Station. It was the first commercially crewed mission to the International Space Station.

03 Aug, 2020

Filipino children delay on school return

Filipino children will not attend school until a vaccine to protect against COVID-19 becomes available, officials confirmed, prompting fears millions of students could be left without access to education.

10 Jun, 2020

Canada will equip cops with cameras

Canada intends to equip police officer with body-worn cameras to increase trust, accountability and transparency.

10 Jun, 2020

Honduras gang problem worsens

Honduran troops are stationed at villages on the borders of El Salvador because members of the ruthless MS13 gang are killing and extorting residents.

10 Jun, 2020

Cuba tackles COVID well

Cuba’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has become an envy of many countries in the region. New cases have dropped to less than 10 per day on average from a peak of around 50, and two thirds of the island is virus-free, according to official data.

10 Jun, 2020

Venezuela gas crisis worsens

Venezuelans in their thousands have been queuing up in miles-long lines to try to fill their cars with subsidised gasoline over the weekend, a week after President Nicolas Maduro launched a new dual-price system aimed at easing an acute fuel shortage.

10 Jun, 2020

UK unis hit by fall in foreign pupils

UK universities have been told to expect a sharp fall in the number of new international students coming next year, including a loss of up to $460m in income from students from east Asia.

10 Jun, 2020

Trudeau admits Canada has race issues

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vowed to do more to end anti-black racism in Canada after days of massive street protests in US and Canadian cities against police brutality.

05 Jun, 2020

Venezuelans must pay for excessive gas use

Venezuelans awoke to new gasoline prices on Monday — and the realisation that for the first time in decades they will have to pay close to market rates to fill up their tanks frequently when they were used to receiving it for virtually free.

05 Jun, 2020

Honduras gets bigger loan from IMF

Honduras is going to get a huge financial package from the International Monetary Fund. It has increased overall financing access for Honduras to about $531 million, immediately releasing $233 million, more than five times the amount initially approved.

05 Jun, 2020
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