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Sunday, Jan 26 2020, 05:05 AM
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Frozen iguanas ‘fell from the skies’

Cayman Islands has gone through a dip in temperatures recently but at least our iguanas have survived, unlike those in nearby Miami who are literally falling from trees, frozen with cold.

24 Jan, 2020


The Cayman Islands Public Health Department is keeping a close watch on the outbreak of the coronavirus in China which has now spread to other countries.

24 Jan, 2020

US-Caribbean: A fight over an invite or something more serious

Caribbean-US relations were put to a severe test this week over an invitation list for a meeting in Jamaica with the American Secretary of State Mr Mike Pompeo.

22 Jan, 2020

Canada’s malnourished is over 4m

Canadians who cannot afford regular meals are more likely to die early, according to a study released this week, showing that people are dying from hunger even in wealthy countries like Canada.

22 Jan, 2020

Taal is still a big threat to erupt

Volcano experts in the Philippines are monitoring the Taal volcano closely for signs of a major eruption. At press time, the volcano’s activity has eased since it began spewing steam and ash two weeks ago, but the threat of a large-scale eruption remains, say scientists.

22 Jan, 2020

UK blacks feel prejudice more than migrants

Black and Asian people in the UK who are second and third generation immigrants generally feel more discriminated against than recent European migrants, two surveys show.

22 Jan, 2020

Havana jazz festival ends on a high note

Cuban music lovers had their spirits lifted recently as one of the country’s most popular festival was staged.

22 Jan, 2020

Hernandez claims to be anti-corruption

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez said he is committed to battling corruption after his government ended the mandate of an anti-graft mission in the country backed by the Organization of American States.

22 Jan, 2020

Guaido defies travelling ban

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has defied a travel ban to head to Colombia, where he met US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as he seeks to boost support amid a power struggle with President Nicolas Maduro.

22 Jan, 2020


A suggestion by a British MP (member of parliament) that the Overseas Territories (OTs) “should be invited to become equal members of the United Kingdom after Brexit” is worthy of consideration.

20 Jan, 2020
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