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Thursday, Aug 06 2020, 12:06 PM
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In just four years of its existence, the Cayman Islands Ombudsman Office has established itself as a trustworthy point of referral and resolution for persons seeking redress from the government and its agencies.

19 hour ago

Editorial: The Paradox of a Modern Cayman

The issue of same sex marriage is easily one of the most divisive topics Cayman has ever faced, and the outcome of the debate and vote on the Domestic Partnership Bill is indicative of that reality.

29 Jul, 2020


With an unemployment rate of 3.5% as at Fall 2019 according to the government’s Economics and Statistics Office(ESO), the Cayman Islands was heading toward an even more enviable employment rate, compared to the rest of the Caribbean and elsewhere.

06 Jul, 2020

Editorial: A New Strategy

In May, the Government passed a law mandating employers to post their jobs that required work permits on the new WORC JobsCayman site. They hoped that this change will attract job seekers to their site instead of heading to the newspapers to find jobs.

01 Jul, 2020

Employment: The Game Changer

In 1982 I landed on these beautiful shores to take up a junior post in the Banking Sector of the Cayman Islands. At that time there was no unemployment and school leavers were able to find jobs immediately after graduation.

22 Jun, 2020

Editorial: An opportunity for our people

Much has been made about the hundreds, possibly thousands of expatriate workers who have left the island as a result of the economic drop-off brought on by government’s measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

17 Jun, 2020

Editorial: Of bars and churches, and the comfort that lies within

It’s been more than two months since many Caymanians have been unable to gather at places of worship. As with other social gatherings, churches have had to close their doors as part of efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the local community.

10 Jun, 2020

Editorial: Stay-Cation in Paradise. Exploring Cayman’s Tourist Attractions

The Cayman Islands is currently fighting its way through the COVID-19 pandemic and even though the worst is behind us the 2nd battle is starting. The task of jumpstarting the economy is on everyone’s mind and being frugal with your finances is very important.

03 Jun, 2020

Editorial: Be Prepared for Hurricane Season 2020

The rains of a weekend ago served as an ever-present reminder that we life in the tropics comes with the annual threat of tropical storms and hurricanes.

27 May, 2020

Editorial: In want vs in need

Someone once stated, “With time, we have become increasingly familiar with the concept of forced wants and unfamiliar with the concept of basic needs.”

20 May, 2020
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