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Sunday, Nov 28 2021, 07:39 PM
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More of a trickle than a rush

While many people were bracing themselves for/looking forward to (depending on perspective) the border opening last Saturday, it is more likely that the numbers of visitors to the Cayman Islands who will now not have to quarantine upon arrival will likely be very low initially.

23 Nov, 2021

The negatives of going with the flow

In April of this year, the UK Public Health Ministry announced that every individual in England would be given two free rapid lateral flow tests (LFTs) a week, under an extended government testing scheme.

11 Nov, 2021

The elephant in the room: close-knit communities

Despite reassurances from the authorities about the successful vaccination roll-out, the continuing spiral of Covid-19 cases in Cayman remains a major worry.

08 Nov, 2021 1 Comments

No island left behind

As Cayman’s vulnerability towards climate change grows each year, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) continue to release their concerning environmental impact assessments.

04 Nov, 2021

Caymanian Times welcomes new editor

Caymanian Times Publisher Ralph Lewis is pleased to announce that he has taken on board a new editor for his newspaper, having fulfilled the role of both publisher and editor for a number of years.

25 Oct, 2021 1 Comments


We, as elders in retirement mode, had grown quite accustomed to annual visits from or to our combined grandchildren, who are scattered far and wide.

04 Oct, 2021


These are challenging times for Cayman and just about every other country around the world. No matter the geographical, economic, population size or choice of political system, the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic has set undeniable parallels on the global impact.

28 Sep, 2021

Cayman has talent

Two highly talented young Caymanians have really stood out in recent weeks as shining examples of Caymanian talent who we, at the Caymanian Times, are delighted to congratulate for their hard work, which has already led them to great heights early on in their lives.

20 Sep, 2021

In time, Cayman must move on

The people of the Cayman Islands have a long history of resilience, bravery and tenacity and it is to these qualities that the nation must once again turn in the face of Covid-19.

15 Sep, 2021


It’s almost inevitable that with the reopening of the borders to international travel, albeit limited initially to land-based tourism, will come a rise in COVID-19 cases in Cayman.

31 Aug, 2021 1 Comments
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