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Tackling Cayman’s Cost of Living Crisis

There is hardly a day that I do not hear from someone concerned about the increasing cost of living.

24 Aug, 2022

Natalie Urquhart Honoured for Arts, Culture Contributions

National Gallery Director and Chief Curator, Mrs. Natalie Urquhart’s outstanding contributions to arts and culture “in the Cayman Islands and the wider region” over more than 20 years have distinguished her as an extraordinary achiever in her field

03 Mar, 2022 1 Comments

MP Miller Charges Parliamentarians to Work Collaboratively

Speaking to the Jamaica Parliament via Zoom on Wednesday (November 18, 2020), Cayman’s MP Ezzard Miller highlighted the joint responsibility of the Government and the Opposition to work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for their constituents and for participatory democracy....

23 Nov, 2020

People’s Party holds first town hall meeting

The newly formed People’s Party held their very first district meeting in George Town Hall on Monday 17 November. There were roughly a dozen attendees including George Town MLA Kenneth Bryan, who asked several questions about the new party, and expressed an interest in the new party.

18 Nov, 2020

People's Party ready for Action

“We should not assume that someone else is looking out for our interests and those of our children,” he continued, adding: “It is time for far more of us to take our responsibilities seriously. CIPP will provide a much-needed tool for all Caymanians to do just that."

13 Nov, 2020

Opposition bring multiple motions and questions to LA

Our system of government requires that the role of the Opposition is to hold the Government to account, influence debate and represent our constituents’ interests.

25 Jun, 2020

Philippines debates permitting divorce

The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country where divorce is illegal, but the issue is gaining traction in the light of widespread unhappy marriages.

26 Sep, 2019

Honduras discusses jobs in US

Honduras and the United States are discussing how to increase temporary legal employment opportunities for Hondurans in the US, as the governments work to hammer out details of an immigration agreement.

26 Sep, 2019

Trudeau tries to recover from race row

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has pledged to create a national prescription drug plan if re-elected, moving back on the offensive after blackface photos of him emerged and hurt his campaign.

26 Sep, 2019

Venezuela's neighbours vote for action

At US urging, leaders from numerous Latin American countries on Monday voted to crack down on members of Venezuela’s socialist government who have committed acts of corruption, human rights abuse and drug trafficking.

24 Sep, 2019
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