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Saturday, Jun 10 2023, 07:09 AM
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Health Care

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Health Care

Ministry of Health and Wellness Supports ADACI with $50,000 Grant

On Saturday, 27 May, Minister for Health & Wellness, Hon. Sabrina Turner, presented the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association of the Cayman Islands (ADACI) with a grant on behalf of the Ministry of Health & Wellness in the amount of CI$50,000.

31 May, 2023

Here’s a plan to quit junk food

There is no denying that junk food tastes good. There’s a reason for this – the food companies actually formulate each bite for maximum crave ability with a specialized balance of sugar, fat and salt.

31 May, 2023

Recover from that Crazy Weekend

You know how it feels to wake up on Monday morning after a weekend of less-than-healthy eating… Your body is puffy and bloated. Your joints are achy. Your clothes feel tight.

24 May, 2023

HSA awarded the Joint Commission Accreditation for gold standard safety and patient care

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) has earned the most prestigious hospital accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI).

22 May, 2023

The Fit Life is Calling…

I know why you’ve been reluctant to jump on the fitness bandwagon, and I’m not blaming you for it.

18 May, 2023


The Ministry of Health and Wellness will be conducting a national health survey from 5th June to 31st July 2023 to determine the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and their risk factors within the Cayman Islands.

15 May, 2023

Restart Your Results in 5 Steps

It happens to all of us at some point.

04 May, 2023

Never Give Up on Your Fitness Goals

You want to get into better shape, to drop the fat and to increase your tone and strength.

27 Apr, 2023

Turner focus is on STEPS survey

World Health Day was celebrated on 7 April which ties in nicely with Sabrina Turner, Minister of Health, Wellness and Home Affairs assessing the health industry in the Cayman Islands.

24 Apr, 2023

Don’t Eat These 7 Foods

Don’t throw your fitness results away by eating the wrong foods. You workout hard, so keep your results by avoiding the following 7 foods:

13 Apr, 2023
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