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Arts and Culture

Philip Paschalides: Poignancy, Structure, Interpretations. Part Two

When we last examined the works of poet Philip Paschalides, we took careful note of his profundity, compared him to outstanding Caribbean poet, Derek Walcott, as well as Romantic poet, John Keats, and celebrated the sheer beauty and poignancy of his works.

21 Oct, 2021

Big Things Happening at Little Havana

Little Havana, along the West Bay Road has become one the hippest night spots in Grand Cayman for those who enjoy LIVE music.

07 Oct, 2021

Philip Paschalides: Poignancy, Structure, Interpretations

Derek Walcott, St. Lucian poet and playwright, winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize for Literature, and described as “lush in style”, is the Caribbean poet that I studied as an undergraduate student of Literatures in English at the University of the West Indies years ago, which made....

29 Sep, 2021

Writing From Experience: Kareen Walker-Balfore’s Where Children Play

What is wonderful about the Cayman literary scene is that we have some writers that are established, some on their way to being established, and some who are slowly but surely taking that first step and spreading their wings.

15 Sep, 2021

Important Artwork Gifted to Cayman National Cultural Foundation

A crate containing three historical paintings, donated to the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF), was opened at the Harquail Theatre on Saturday, 21 August 2021.

02 Sep, 2021

CELEBRATING CAYMAN WRITERS, WRITINGS, & THE ARTS: CLM Publishing – Promoting Local Writers. Part 2

Part one of this article, two weeks ago, introduced us to CLM Publishing Ltd – how it started, how it grew, the accolades it has received over the years, and its celebration of Cayman writers and writings.

25 Aug, 2021

CELEBRATING CAYMAN WRITERS, WRITINGS, & THE ARTS: CLM Publishing – Promoting Local Writers. Part 1

In 2008, the publication of the now popular “Christian Lifestyle Magazine” started with a bang!! It was well received in the Cayman community, especially among the Christian fraternity.

04 Aug, 2021

Talent Xposition sets the night alight at the Harquail Theatre

The annual Talent Xpositon of the Arts is an annual explosion of local talent, live at the Harquail theatre. There was singing, dancing, and music from many different artists, and it is always popular.

28 Jul, 2021

20th Annual Talent Exposition of the Arts

The New Self-Help Community Foundation will be presenting their 20th annual Talent Xposition of the Arts on Sunday, July 25th at the Harquail Theatre.

22 Jul, 2021


Summer for me has long been linked with reading! As a child, my friends would anticipate the long, hot, lazy days of summer for beach trips, to travel to other countries, to hang out with friends, or to indulge in a favoured activity that the demands of school had kept them from.

22 Jul, 2021
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