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Customer 2020: Is Your Hospitality Business Future Ready or Reliving the Past?

A lot has changed over the years, but if you ask today’s customers, a lot has stayed the same.

04 Dec, 2019

Celebrate Hospitality Employee Recognition During the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for many hospitality and tourism businesses.

26 Nov, 2019

Then & Now: Cayman’s present-day tourism industry

This is the third and final part of our Then and Now series on tourism, bringing you from the 1980s up-to-date with Cayman’s present-day tourism industry

04 Oct, 2019

Creating Sensory-Inclusive Guest Experiences

Dubbed one of the leading and largest hotel industry events in the world, the 2019 Lodging Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona last week was bustling as hotel owners and executives from around the globe came together to strategize about development, finances, franchising, management, construction,

02 Oct, 2019

4 Ways to Size-Up Your Competition’s Digital Marketing

To remain competitive in today’s bustling travel industry and continue to grow and evolve at the same time, businesses must digitally transform in both new and incremental ways.

25 Sep, 2019

Ten Things to Never Say to A Customer

In the hospitality industry everybody has customers. If you work in the Accounting department, you have customers. If you're a custodian, you have customers too.

18 Sep, 2019

First Ever Homeshare Summit Looks at Cayman’s Exploding Industry

Cayman’s very first Homeshare Summit was held by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism at the Margarittaville Conference Room on 4th September.

11 Sep, 2019

Airbnb: Ways to Increase Bookings and Maximize Profitability

Let’s do a little experiment. Open Airbnb in your browser and type in Cayman Islands as the location. Don’t put in any dates or adjust the number of guests: just click search. How many results came up?

11 Sep, 2019

Then & Now: Cayman’s present-day tourism industry

In her ‘Anatomy of a tourism success story’ written by Barbara Currie Maguire in the May 1981 Nor’wester magazine, Ms Maguire says “during the past five years, the Cayman Islands has emerged as the Caribbean’s fastest-growing tourism destination.”

06 Sep, 2019

User-Generated Content Builds Trust, Inspires Bookings

When Coca Cola launched their personalized coke bottles, dubbed the “Share a Coke” campaign, with bottles named after people, it took off all over the world.

04 Sep, 2019
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