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PROUD OF THEM: Kareem George Foster, 17, – Bodden Town – Sports

Amateur footballer Kareem Foster is a rising star in the sport. Having started playing in earnest in primary school, his natural ability and willingness to train hard led to him becoming the youngest ever member of the Truth for Youth School squad at seven-years-old. He captained the winning team in

18 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Sarah Clair Jackson, 17, - George Town – Academics

Sarah Clair Jackson is a true all-rounder.

18 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Jonathan Key, 18, – George Town – Community Service

Jonathan is a freshman at the University of Indianapolis, majoring in mechanical engineering. He is a member of the Men’s Collegiate Swim Team, the “Greyhounds”. With an academic grant from the university and a partial scholarship from Caribbean Utilities Company, he will intern in the Engineering

10 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Janelle Syms, 19, - West Bay - Academics

Janelle is highly respected by her peers, family and community. Janelle displays a loving and kind character. She encourages and supports all who come in contact with her. She has always excelled in academics from the early stages of primary school at Sir John A.

10 Jan, 2018

Flashback: Taste of Cayman 2017

Festival Green at Camana Bay was full up with foodies: They had come to eat, savor delicate aromas, and tickle their taste-buds with delicious delicacies. They had come to find out for themselves the very best fine food, wines and spirits that Cayman can offer. There were more than 40 food and drink

08 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Jared Avanti McGill, 20, – George Town - Community Service

Up until a few months ago, Jared McGill was a youth member of the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps. During the past seven years, he impressed his superiors with his high and consistent levels of commitment and enthusiasm, especially in the areas of service and volunteering for corps’ assignments.

04 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Brianna Bodden: Bodden Town, 16, - Academics

Brianna has been an exceptional student since she started Clifton Hunter High School (CHHS). A well-rounded student, she epitomises what the ideal student represents, with her never give up attitude. She has been involved in just about every aspect of school life.

04 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Bradley McLaughlin, 15 - Bodden Town – Culture

Known for his ready smile and his easy charm, it is easy to see Bradley McLaughlin just your typical happy-go-lucky teenager. You would be wrong. The Bodden Town resident may be young but he is already a committed amateur chef, a culinary master-in-training who has the accolades to prove it.

01 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Anja Ruth van Genderen, 17, - Bodden Town – Academics

Anja excelled academically throughout her high school years at Cayman Prep and High. She started high school in year 8 after completing grade 6 at Montessori by the Sea. Each year she would make significant achievements and secure the Principal’s award as well as top academic awards in various subje

01 Jan, 2018

Flashback: Caring for our Elderly

“Once a man, twice a child,” is a well-known phrase used by people from many parts of the world. It speaks to the fact that we as humans move through 3 distinct phases of life on our journey from the cradle to the grave. We move from a state of total dependence on others for our care,

27 Dec, 2017
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