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7 Tips for Engaging Gen Z: Insights from Gen X Digital Marketer Qamar Zaman

Local News 10 Apr, 2024 Follow News

Qamar Zaman

By: Jaci Patrick - Brand Storyteller for CaymanStory.com

As a Gen X technologist with extensive experience in digital marketing, I understand the importance of adapting strategies to resonate with younger generations, particularly Gen Z. Here are seven practical tips for local business owners to refresh their marketing approaches and effectively connect with this tech-savvy demographic:

Leverage User-Generated Content:

• Example: A local café can encourage customers to post photos of their favorite drinks with a branded hashtag. Feature the best posts on your social media channels to showcase real-life experiences and build trust with potential Gen Z customers.

Embrace Short-Form Video:

• Example: A boutique clothing store can create TikTok videos showcasing quick fashion tips or styling sessions featuring their latest arrivals. This not only highlights your products but also engages Gen Z’s preference for visual, dynamic content.

Focus on Social Responsibility:

• Example: A sustainable beauty brand can share behind-the-scenes content about their eco-friendly production processes and actively participate in environmental campaigns. This demonstrates your commitment to values that matter to Gen Z.

Optimize for Mobile and Voice Search:

• Example: Ensure your local restaurant’s website is mobile-responsive and includes voice search-friendly content like “best vegan pizza near me” to cater to Gen Z’s mobile-first browsing habits.

Personalize Your Messaging:

• Example: A fitness center can use email marketing to send personalized workout tips and class recommendations based on each member’s preferences and previous activities. This shows Gen Z that you value their individual needs.

Engage with Influencers and Micro-Influencers:

• Example: Collaborate with a local micro-influencer who aligns with your brand values to promote your artisanal bakery. Their genuine endorsement can attract their engaged followers to try your products.

Utilize Interactive Content:

• Example: A tech store can create an Instagram story quiz asking followers to guess the features of the latest smartphone model. This interactive approach keeps your content fun and engaging for Gen Z.

Incorporating these tips into your marketing strategy can help you effectively connect with Gen Z consumers and stay relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Qamar Zaman is a sought-after digital marketing expert and a member of the Forbes Thought Leaders Council.

If you are a member of Gen Z and would like to share your perspective in an interview, please contact jaci@storytellers.ky .

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