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Boyz 2 Men: Knights of fine dining

Front Pages 14 Feb, 2020 1 Comments Follow News

Rokeim Pitterson and his mother

A procession of young gentlemen escorted their mothers to the dining-room

Christopher Murray

A red rose says “I love you for being there for me.”

Dining, and dancing

Red roses for very special ladies

It was a night courtly, behavior, and refined, gentlemanly manners: The Boyz 2 Men Night of Fine Dining, and it began by each of the young gentleman from the Boyz 2 Men programme, mostly aged between 15 and 16, who escorted their mothers along the red carpet leading to one of the dining rooms of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The Night of Fine Dining is one of the highlights of the programme, started by John Gray School Counsellor Christopher Murray, and it was a chance for them to put into practice all that they have learned. The Ritz Carlton Hotel is a good choice for the occasion, because hotel staff have volunteered their time to teach the young gentlemen the very best in high-class etiquette, during a day trip to the hotel.

This year there was the biggest intake, with around 40 John Gray students joining. The programme meets once a week, and Mr. Murray invites guest speakers to tell the students all about how to not only be successful, but to become kind and thoughtful young gentlemen who respect themselves, and respect one another. Many want to join because they see a positive change in their friends who have joined. Teachers and parents see the difference, too.

Raekwon 15 said, “I wanted to join because it will help me from turning from a boy to a man. I was looking for the opportunity to do community service and work it has given me more self-esteem, he said. Roukeim Pitterson, 16 said, “It’s helped me a lot in achieving certain things and setting certain standards for example, in helping others and in changing my way of life, making me nicer, and helping out more people.”

John Gray High School Principal, Jonathan Clark said: “Let’s have a round of applause for Mr. Murray. He’s put so much into this programme. He’s been a rock in school for you boys in good times and times when you’ve not known that you’ve needed him, and he pops up and he’s been there for me as well, so thank you very much. I also need to forgive myself, because, boys, I am not going to call you boys anymore, I think I am going to call you gentlemen agreed? Because they look like gentlemen, they behave like gentlemen.

“For me the biggest thing about the programme is that us as gentlemen develop an understanding of what strength is. Strength isn’t about being a bully at school or being someone who is bigger than everybody else. Strength is about strength of character, strength of faith, loyalty; and there is no greater loyalty than that which you can show to your mothers.”

During the evening there was a video of a man who explained that, when his mother suffered a sudden heart attack and he had to say goodbye to her as she lay dying in hospital, he realized that he had never told his mother how much he loved her before. Mr. Murray then invited each of the young gentlemen in turn to stand up, present a red rose to their mother, and tell her why he loved her and why she was so special to her. The evening ended with each of the young gentlemen dancing with his mother, as beautiful music played. The evening was sponsored by E.Y. Cayman Ltd.

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17 Feb, 2020

This is what the world needs; more men who will take the time to invest in the next generation. Men who know what it's like to be a "real" man and they are passionate about passing on this very rear quality. Personally, I salute Mr. Murray and pray God's wisdom, favor, Grace and long life as he continue to serve the future men of these Cayman Islands. I hope you will one day venture out into Clifton Hunter school soon. I love it!