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Christians take a stand

Front Pages 24 Aug, 2020 7 Comments Follow News

Taking a stand outside the Glass House

Taking a stand

Beginning of the line outside the Government Administration Building

Christians a wide spectrum of churches took part

Christians take a stand

Cathy Myles takes a stand for her beliefs

Bill Jackson takes a stand for his Christian beliefs

By Christopher Tobutt


Several hundred people representing a wide range of churches gathered together to demonstrate against the Domestic Partnership Law, on Saturday 22 August, forming a long line all the way from the Government Administration Building to the Legislative Assembly Building. They were making a stand, they said, for the Constitution, and also for the Word of God.

Katina Anglin, Public Relations Officer for the Christian Association for Civics, which was organizing the demonstration, said, “This afternoon we are out here as members of the church, undertaking our civic duty, and upholding the word of the Lord, and the constitution of the Cayman Islands. We are not receptive to any legal framework that is outside of the ordinances of the law of the land, and the law of the Lord, which is the union of one man and one woman together as husband and wife…we have no exclusion in our hearts for any part or for any person. The LGBT, we love them, but it is our mission to preach true love, true faith, and true mercy.”

As they gathered on the grass beside the Glasshouse, all the demonstrators were being encouraged to sign a petition to the Government and they were also being asked for donations that would go to pay costs associated with a possible legal challenge to the new law. The petition included questions such as, “Do you support the DPB should be passed into law without a public referendum?” and, “Do you think that the UK should impose such legislation without first hearing from the people of the Cayman Islands?”

Taking the platform, Pastor Christopher Rose explained that the basis of the gathering was love for the LGTB community, “We love you and we want to see you change,” he said.

Holding up a big sign which said, “I stand for God, God is Love, God is Good, God is Jesus,” Bill Jackson explained, “I am here standing for God and for the word of God. I believe that the Domestic Partnership Law is wrong, because soon they are going to add something else onto that, and then there will be more and more and more. That is the way the devil works.”

Pastor Myles of the West Bay Church of God Chapel said, “This (demonstration) is important because Cayman is my home. I am talking about changing our constitution, changing our laws. and I am talking about the overthrow of the family, because that is what I feel that it is. I feel that the children are in danger.”

Another demonstrator, Corinne Glasgow said, “I am standing for family, and for God’s absolute laws. It says that marriage is between a man and a woman. We actually love all people because Christ died for all of us, but we just don’t want to legislate any wrongdoing. All of us have sinned, that is what the bible says and the antidote to any sin is to ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins.”

Romellia Welcome, from the Church of God Universal said, “I am here to stand up for the word of God. God made Adam and Eve, and he said to go forth and be fruitful and multiply. He did not say Adam and Steve or Eve and Jean. So it’s against God’s word and I sand for God’s word.”

15-year old Cathy Myles was making a stand for God, too, “I am here today so my voice can be heard as a Christian, as a child, and as a Caymanian Citizen. I want to stand up for the word of God and what it says. I’m not ashamed of the gospel, and I’m ready to do what it takes, and if this is what it takes then I’m going to stand,” she said.

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Kattina Anglin

25 Aug, 2020

Please extend my gratitude to everyone who came out to stand for country, constitution and for the Word!

God has made His decrees and they do not change over time, despite how much we might think we can change them. There are many sins and we have all fallen short and requires the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. We are blessed that we do not have to remain in sin and be condemned to Hell by living outside of the will and commandments of God, fulfilled by Jesus Christ.

We love the LGBT and we are here to help to support them to live a healthy, meaningful and rewarding lifestyle, according to the Holy Scriptures, which has not changed.

D Christian

25 Aug, 2020

The word of God is clear and its position is the foundation of our Constitution. The Democratic process was followed when our representatives voted in the LA. The Governor has chosen to ignore the voice of the majority. To make matters worse he has given the public 21 days to review consult and comment on the new Domestic Partnership Bill Plus 11 other laws which are affected. It is too much too fast and we cannot be forced fed and expected to swallow and smile. We at least deserve the sufficient time to have a legal review as the general public cannot understand all the legal terminology that is involved.

Greta Louisia Tatum

25 Aug, 2020

Praying with you and the Church in our islands. Jesus said, "I Am the Way, the Truth and Life....."

Father Your Will be done. Hear Your people and see us for Whose we are. May the Blood of Jesus wash and cleanse us all from sin and set us free of all evil. Amen.

Cleveland Henry

25 Aug, 2020

I sand on the word of God no body in the world can change the word of the lord in Genesis God made Adam and Eve not male and female Cleve and Steve and in the book of revelation 22 verse 18 caymanian don't let no governor or pollution turn these islands in to next Sodom and Gomorrah out motto in psalm 24 verses 2 For he Hath It upon the seas But if we don't seek God face he will Established it upon the FLOODS Cayman islands call a three day fast and cry out to God before it's too late Because the water and rain is just start may God have mercy on these Islands AMEN


25 Aug, 2020

I am against the domestic partnership law.


26 Aug, 2020

This REPLACEMENT of our Caymanian view of Rights for an LGBT worldview of "Rights," will open the door to their kind of DISCRIMINATION, and I'm afraid in the future, it will lead good people to be penalize by the government because their conscience refuses to see the lifestyle and promotion of it, as a good thing. Moreover, the way this is being RUSHED and PUSHED on us to accept as THE RULE OF LAW !


27 Aug, 2020

Atheism is a constitutional right - you cannot demand anyone to live by the Bible. No gay person is telling you to be gay and no rights will be taken away from us straight people.