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Health Care 31 Jul, 2019 Follow News


Last week we looked at the importance of ensuring that there are adequate levels of stomach acid. We also discovered how crucially important this is to the proper digestion especially of proteins and minerals. So, as promised here are some really great ways to ensure this is occurring.


LIQUID NUTRITION - At least half of your daily meals should be in liquid form, either a shake or a smoothie. Protein shakes are pre- metabolized and, therefore, does need much acid to digest. If you determine you have low acid levels then you should have at least 1-2 protein shakes daily.


USE GINGER - I use this with each of my meals, as well as, in tea form. According to Dr.Jockers, “ 2-3 cups of ginger tea daily can enhance the acid level of the stomach.”


SUPERHYDRATE OUTSIDE OF MEALS - I am a great believer in complete hydration. Good hydration helps bowel mobility.


DRINK VERY LITTLE - In meals containing meat, stop liquids at least half hour before. This will reduce any potential dilution of the gastric juices and allows better digestion. The same applies for after a meal. Hold off on water for at least half an hour. I seldom drink liquids while eating.


USE APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - It’s healthy to pour some lemon juice and ACV on your meat and veggies. This helps in pre- metabolizing the food for easier digestion.


AT THE BEGINNING - Eat your protein foods at the beginning of the meal. Salads and veggies should be eaten along with your protein, not separate.


FERMENTED VEGGIES - One of these should be eaten with your protein meal. These include sauerkraut, kimchi and ginger to name a few.


FERMENTED DRINKS - They include coconut water and kefir. They help to decrease the bacteria load especially the bacteria in the stomach, H-PYLORI. Keeping this under control allows the body to produce enough stomach acid.


LARGEST MEAL - According to Dr.Jockers, “ this should be eaten when you are relaxed. Relaxing before the meal is key to improving stomach acid production.”


So, there you are guys. Try these and see what a world of difference your digestion would make.

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