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Health Care 04 Sep, 2019 Follow News


MCT - stands for medium - chain triglycerides and is a healthier fat that experts point out is far healthier than others. Why is this so? Well the body absorbs it faster and is more readily available to be used for fuel.


MCTs are digested quickly and are considered a better source of fuel for the body. Even though there’s saturated fats present they are as bad as once thought because of how quickly they are metabolized.


Studies show that MCTs increase the production of Peptide YY and leptin, hormones that make the body feel full. When compared with coconut oil, taking 2 tbsp of MCT oil with breakfast led to subjects in one study feeling less hungry at lunch time. It has also been shown to reduce waist line and has less calories than LCTs.


Since it has fewer carbon molecules, it breaks down quickly and travels from the gut to the liver, where it’s metabolized and used for fuel. This oil is a key pillar of the Ketogenic diet because of how quickly it transforms into ketones. The oil is also known to increase concentration and energy.


The oil is also a great boost to exercisers. It has been shown to reduce the build-up of lactic acid during moderate and intense exercise. It can also increase the body’s use of fat instead of carbohydrate when doing your workout.


Studies have shown that the MCTs in coconut oil can guard against yeast infection such as - thrush. Research has also shown to have a positive effect on bacteria in the gut, and plays a key role in the health of your digestive system.


In addition to aiding weight loss and improving exercise tolerance, studies also indicate its positive effect on cholesterol as being more enhanced than that of olive oil.


So, here’s another great nutrient to assist in your health regimen. I use the powdered form of this amazing nutrient from that manufactured by BIOTRUST. It’s a marvellous addition to my smoothies.

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