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Skylar Mack Dearest Apologies

COVID - 19 14 Dec, 2020 7 Comments Follow News

Skylar Mack Dearest Apologies

Dear Cayman Islands Community,

As a frequent traveler to the island, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the country and its citizens. That being said, on November 29th my actions spoke of nothing but complete disrespect by disobeying my quarantine rules.

It was not our intention to harm or hurt anyone but I realize now that we have caused a lot of anxiety and frustration for many persons, for this, we are truly sorry.

I am aware that the Cayman Islands Government has done nothing but dedicate extreme caution to combat the spread of Covid-19, for this the country and its citizens can be extremely proud; I made a mistake, and words cannot express how sorry I am for this. I was afforded the opportunity to enter the island during these trying times and I abused it. I am humbly asking for the forgiveness of the Community.

I had no intentions to harm anyone around me, that was never the intention, I acted without thinking through my actions. I realize now that I was selfish in the decision I made and that it made a lot of people upset, I am sorry.

If there was any way I could go back and fix it, I would. My hope is that the people of the Cayman Islands will forgive me, I am hopeful that we can resolve this.

I made the biggest mistake of my life so far, on November 29th, that is something that I am going to have to learn to deal with. I assure you that something like this will never happen again.

I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest apologies to both the government and the community of the Cayman Islands, I feel terrible about my mistake and I hope that the nation will be able to forgive me.


Skylar Mack

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15 Dec, 2020

I cannot forgive her, she knew exactly what she was doing. The folly of youth needs to learn the hard way. Much higher fine and no return to Cayman.


15 Dec, 2020

She schemed and lied and this letter is probably written at the advise of her lawyer.
She should be made to pay the $10k and be sent off the Island.


16 Dec, 2020

He who casts the first stone....Cayman is a Christian nation and I for one will forgive her once she has served her time and paid her fine. At 18 years old she has hopefully learned a valuable life lesson.


17 Dec, 2020

Privilege at it's finest. Sorry, but your blonde looks aren't going to get you out of this one!

Frequent US Visitor to Cayman

17 Dec, 2020

She's only sorry because she got caught.

Seymour Sunshine

20 Dec, 2020

It appears as if she schemed to get a looser wrist band fitted so she could remove it for the purpose of flouting the rules. This was not simply an act committed in error "without thinking" as she claims. She clearly thought about it in advance and it was a deliberate flouting of the rules. As another respondent indicated, she should be forgiven ... after she's paid the price of her folly.


22 Dec, 2020

I'm an American who enjoys traveling and the rich culture of the places I visit. My wife and I try very hard to respect the laws and customs of the countries we're in. People like this girl are the reason that Americans are viewed as nuisance tourists in many countries. This is the peak of entitlement. Incredibly selfish and careless behavior. Especially breaking quarantine after only 2 days when she very well could have had covid, yet not show any symptoms yet. I do think that the punishment is harsh, but rules are rules and when you go to a foreign country or anywhere else, be prepared to pay the consequences for breaking them.