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Health Care 09 Dec, 2020 Follow News


For years scientists have studied ZINC. The results have been conflicting at times. Some show it works others reveal it do noes not. However, recently, one group conducted a meta analysis of all published studies on Zinc. When all was said and done, they finally had some answers. There are several kinds of zinc that one can take. But only two kinds are shown to be effective. The best format is Zinc Acetate.

The studies reveal that this type is the one that consistently slashes the duration of symptoms in half. The second best choice was the Gluconate form. None of the remaining types showed any effectiveness. So, why are these the more effective? Well, they release zinc in the form of a positively charged ion. It is this form that creates the difference in whether zinc can or cannot work. So, how does ionic zinc work? It helps your white blood cells fight. It boosts their production of interferon-gamma which is your body’s primary defense.

It also stops invaders from spreading in the body. Zinc has also been studies and found to help minimize stuffiness, congestion, sneezing and runny nose. How you may ask? Well, it inhibits the release of histamines that actually trigger these symptoms. In other words it behaves just like the things some people take when they want to eliminate a stuffy, runny, congested nose. These are the features that led to researchers promoting Zinc Acetate. This should not be combined with the other forms because 0% of the zinc is released in ionic form. Zero.

If taking this in lozenges formulation check for palm kernel oil and cotton seed oil. Why? They bind to zinc during the manufacturing process and prevent it from being released in ionic form. The researchers also found that you need at least 75mg of zinc acetate daily. One of the best out there is available from advancedbionutritionals.com. Add some Zinc to your life. Until next time remember, “you are not what you eat but what you digest.”

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