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Virtual Sonics, a Cayman Islands Tech Company, Makes ‘Big Sound’ Waves in the Hollywood Music Industry

Business 31 May, 2021 1 Comments Follow News

Phil Quartararo, President, Virtual Sonics, Inc.

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Virtual Sonics Inc., a TechCayman-sponsored enterprise professional audio technology start-up, is making big waves on the global music stage with technology innovation that has already led to a joint partnership with world renowned Sony Home Entertainment and Sound Products Inc., under the brand Audio Futures Inc, itself also a TechCayman-sponsored enterprise.

Audio Futures, under a close working partnership with Sony, has been developing 3D spatial audio technology for Sony’s game-changing 360 Reality Audio technology. The release of the 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite represents an important milestone that now enables musicians and creators to produce music easily and accurately in an immersive spherical sound field by using their familiar platform and workflows in 360 Reality Audio music format within a studio environment or even on the go utilising only a laptop and headphones. The benefits this brings are profound for producers, musicians and music lovers, representing one of the most significant milestones in recent music history.

360 Reality Audio uses Sony's 3D spatial sound technologies to deliver a music experience at a whole new level. Individual sounds such as vocals, chorus, piano, guitar, bass and even sounds of a live audience can be placed in a 360 spherical sound field, giving artists and creators a new way to express their creativity and listeners to be literally immersed in a field of sound exactly as intended by artists and creators. What’s more, this can be enjoyed through compatible music streaming services or smartphone apps using regular existing headphones, bringing a new level of immersive music experience to the listener that previously could only be enjoyed in live concert-like venues, and setting the future standard for music producers globally.

If the magnitude of this milestone isn’t obvious enough, it was named one of the top 20 products at the prestigious NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show in January 2021, the premier global music platform and event for products in music.

As impressive as the technology and step change in music creativity being unleashed, is the team behind Audio Futures Inc. and Virtual Sonics Inc. itself. Besides having a cutting-edge team of music composers, sound & software engineers, Virtual Sonics is led by veteran Hollywood music industry leaders such as Phil Quartararo, himself the former CEO of Warner Bros Music, Virgin Records and EMI Records. Phil is credited with bringing to market an impressive list of famous musicians, including U2, Spice girls, Josh Groban, Coldplay, Green Day and Linkin Park, to mention a few.

Commenting on the significance of these developments, Phil Quartararo, President, Virtual Sonics, Inc., said: "I've been in the music industry for decades and over that time I've seen a few innovations that have dramatically moved the industry forward. 360 Reality Audio appears to be one of those innovations. We are honoured that a pioneer and household name in sound technology like Sony partnered with us to produce the 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite to enable a true next level in music experience. I am also excited to be further developing this technology out of the beautiful Cayman Islands with my team and Sony. It’s a perfect location for tech companies with global aspirations and a place that naturally stimulates the creativity necessary to do great things.”

Director of TechCayman, Mr Samir Mitra, commented: “I couldn’t be more delighted to see the emerging realisation of our vision for TechCayman as a vector for establishing the Cayman Islands on the world map for developing cutting-edge technology companies together with world renowned brand-name technology companies like Sony. It is genuinely stunning to be part of the latest technologies changing how music will be experienced daily by millions of people worldwide and working with the stewards of Hollywood music industry, all from our small yet influential Cayman Islands. I want to thank the entire Virtual Sonics team and their partners Sony for having trust and confidence in TechCayman as partners. What’s more, I also can’t wait to hear some of our talented young Caymanian musicians mix in 360 Reality Audio using Virtual Sonic’s technology too!”

Chairman of TechCayman, Mr Gene Thompson, added: “We knew that the Cayman Islands excellent modern infrastructure, tax neutral environment, and ability to already attract worldwide tech talent, provides a perfect combination for tech innovation to be conducted right here. If we can now combine that with an education system that supports Caymanians developing the types of capabilities these companies will be seeking, we have the opportunity to build both a new pillar of the economy and an industry in which Caymanians can actively participate to build highly desirable and well-paid careers. I want to congratulate the Virtual Sonics team and I am proud to be a part influencing Hollywood and its music scene in such a positive way from the Cayman Islands, rather than Hollywood influencing us!”

To discover more about the difference between typical existing music experiences and what can be achieved with the new technology, visit https://www.sony.com/electronics/360-reality-audio

For more information on the 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite developed by Audio Futures Inc. in partnership with Sony, visit https://360ra.com/

For more information on TechCayman and how it supports tech enterprises in the Cayman Islands, please visit https://www.techcayman.com/


About Virtual Sonics, Inc.

Virtual Sonics, Inc. develops the next-generation audio and music creative origination and platform tools, as well as distribution technologies, in partnership with the world’s leading technology and music companies, aiming to bring audio and visual experiences to life at a level never before accomplished through software at scale.

Virtual Sonic’s 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite (360RACS) is an innovation developed and released in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment. 360RACS enables musicians and creators to produce music easily and accurately in an immersive spherical sound field by using their familiar platform and workflows in 360 Reality Audio music format within a studio environment or even on the go utilising only a laptop and headphones.

The development of 360RACS has been conducted through Audio Futures, Inc., a Tech Cayman-sponsored enterprise – a Cayman Islands-based subsidiary of Virtual Sonics, Inc. that is the exclusive developer of creator tools for 360 Reality Audio, of which the 360 Reality Audio Creative Suite marks the first release.

Virtual Sonics, Inc. is privately held and led by a team of industry and technology veterans with decades of experience, including Phil Quartararo who serves as their President. With his extensive background in the audio entertainment industry, including as the CEO of Warner Bros Virgin Records, Virtual Sonics is set to become a major player and influence in the development of latest generation audio, music, film, television and gaming software tools, from conception to release.

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Daphne L. Orrett

07 Jun, 2021

Congratulations, Mr Gene Thompson, and others involved in the start-up of this new Cayman Islands Tech company, Virtual Sonics Inc ....!
No doubt, this new business venture, could form a new pillar of our Economy; thereby providing many Caymanians with the opportunity to find employment in a very interesting and lucrative field.
Hoping for great Success... !!!