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Statement from Miss Teen 2018

My name is a Latecia Bush, I was born on October 27th, 2001 at the Georgetown Hospital.

31 Aug, 2018

“Cayman Islands: A Political Tragedy in Paradise”. Part 3 of 3

In the beginning, it was just easier to import a middle class, as opposed to training and developing our own Caymanian people.

24 Aug, 2018

“Cayman Islands: A Political Tragedy in Paradise”. Part 2 of 3

Today Cayman is known for its natural beauty, tourism and financial industries. For a longtime, politicians have attempted to portray Cayman as a paradise with no problems.

20 Aug, 2018

Portfolio of the Civil Service Confirms Civil Servants can Sign the “Bring Back Governor Choudhury” Petition

Mrs. Georgette Ebanks was an original signatory to the 1948 Petition requesting a change to the Election Law to allow females to register to vote. Eventually nine years afterwards, in 1958, the Election Law was revised giving females the right to vote.

17 Aug, 2018

“Cayman Islands: A Political Tragedy in Paradise” (Part 1 of 3)

The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Caymanian Times.

15 Aug, 2018


As a business man in Cayman Brac I have never seen business so slow in the last 30 years.

10 Aug, 2018

A Petition – “Bring Back Governor Choudhury”

Since the UK recalled Governor Anwar Choudhury on June 12, 2018 they have not released any information at all on the reasons why he was recalled or the subject of the investigation.

27 Jul, 2018

Muzaic 10: Cayman Talent on Stage

For those who came out and supported this year’s MUZAIC, you are now a part of the Muzaic fraternity and the CMEA would like to publicly thank you here for your support

05 Feb, 2018
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