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Your voice matters

Community Voice 22 May, 2019 Follow News

Your voice matters

Dear Media,


Batabano is a disgrace and should be changed with immediate effect. I am surprised and disappointed that the Rotary Club would want their name associated with such a spectacle of nudity, vulgarity, and revelry. I can only imagine the liquor, drugs, and unacceptable conduct on the weekend that followed this spectacle.


As responsible citizens we should be doing everything to raise the social stature of our people. We wonder why domestic abuse is on the rise, why crime is on the rise, why drug use is on the rise, why many students are unmotivated, unsuccessful, and dabbling in crime even in their teenage years. We adults are responsible; The example that adults are setting is poor, is degrading, and is ruining our island.


Public parades should be something that families can go to and enjoy. I recall a visitor to the island commenting to me that she thought public parades were for families to enjoy, but Batabano was anything but family oriented. I observed a Batabano parade many years ago and determined that I would never be near one again. I have caught glimpses of what has circulated at times on social media, on TV and in the newspaper and I have seen more than I want to see. I happened to be passing by the Public Beach last Saturday on my way to town and there in front of my eyes, I saw women that were virtually naked with only strings and spots here and there to cover the more sensitive parts. I was shocked. I saw the color, the beauty, and the creativity too and I thought, Why do we have to add this disgraceful element of nudity and vulgarity to what could otherwise be a time of color, beauty, creativity, and glitter. I implore parents, don't take your children to the Adult Batabano parade. I didn't observe the behaviour, but I am told that not only is there nudity, but the dancing is disgraceful. And starting a Junior Batabano, innocent as it may seem now, is only setting the stage for these very children to adopt vulgar behaviours of the adults (as many are already doing at their parades, although I am thankful that their bodies are not on display).


This is not hate speech; this is love speech. We love our children, we love our island, we love a well-ordered society where there are moral standards.


We need to get rid of Batabano or recreate it – It doesn't have to be '"ugly'', degradiing, and vulgar. It can be a thing of beauty, creativity and a happy family time, but what it was and is has no part in a moral society. Let's get rid of it or change it.



Marjorie Ebanks

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