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St Georges Church’s ‘Super Human’ evening for seniors

It was a super-human evening to remember when St Georges Anglican Church Mothers Union and the Intentional Discipleship Team held a ‘Super Human’ (as another way of saying Older Person) dinner in honor of Senior Citizens in their church, and the community, at the Cayman Conference Centre, Elizabetha

19 Oct, 2018

Olive Miller OBE remembers how the NCVO began

Olive Miller OBE has known the Cayman Islands for 72 of her 96 years. From the very first moment she set foot here, in 1946, she set about doing what she felt God had called her to do and what is in her nature: helping people. She helped to set up the Girls Brigade here, and when I went to visit her

17 Oct, 2018

Otis Air unveils its new building

Otis Air provides professional air conditioning services, so they need a professional looking building to operate from. You might think that one warehouse-and-offices suite of buildings is much like another, and when you get inside it will be respectable, utilitarian, and rather dull. But as soon as

07 Jun, 2018

CAL, Batabano and Pirates Week touted in Tampa

Two of Cayman’s iconic national events, Cayman Carnival Batabano and Pirates Week, were recently touted in Tampa, Florida, during a special “Cayman Connect Week” with Tampa’s travel trade and dive community.

25 Apr, 2018

Sagicor secures spot in Junior Batabano for George Town Primary

George Town Primary School (GTPS) returns to the Junior Batabano parade this year after a few years’ hiatus, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands.

25 Apr, 2018

CNB and Junior Batabano fuses culture and the arts with T-shirt design competition

The vibrant artwork on the T-shirts that will be worn by marshals, teachers, parents, and other volunteers at the Junior Batabano Street Parade and Family Fun Day this Saturday April 28th, 2018, was designed by 15-year-old St. Ignatius student Samruddhi Tagalpallewar, who won the carnival’s annual

25 Apr, 2018

Flashback: May 2015 - Praying for the Nation

The congregation that attended the 5th National Prayer Breakfast would have experienced the spirit of God that morning. The All Nations United Pentecostal Church hosted their annual prayer breakfast at their church on Woodlake Drive and invited the Premier and the leader of the Opposition to give

19 Feb, 2018

Flashback: Agricultural Show 2015

Thousands of people came to the 48th Annual Agriculture Show. Early risers beat the long lines of traffic by getting there early – and picking up the cream of the crop too! But, like most years, there was plenty for everyone, even the latecomers, and something interesting for all ages.

07 Feb, 2018

Half a century of agricultural excellence

It was the “Big 50” – a half a century of showcasing the very cream of the crop – at the Stacy Watler Pavilion on in Lower Valley on Ash Wednesday, and everyone was sharing the celebration. There were cows, goats, rabbits, horses, chickens ….and that was just the animals.

05 Feb, 2018

Flashback: 2016 Agriculture show

If the 49th Annual Agriculture Show at the Stacy Watler Pavilion was anything to go by, agriculture of all types is growing and thriving in the Cayman Islands.

02 Feb, 2018
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