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Buy Local Grow Local: Farmers leading the way

There has never been a more exciting time for backyard farmers who grow their own fresh produce, with farmers across the island leading the way in producing all manner of fantastic produce that’s plucked straight from the ground, to the market and on the dinner table, all in one day.

03 Sep, 2018

Understanding nature’s economy

In nature, nothing goes to waste. There is always some kind of plant or animal which makes a livelihood from the rubbish of others, so that everything goes round in a big cycle.

29 Jun, 2018

Mixing ‘Pretty’ with ‘Practical’

In the old days, men used to go to sea and that meant that the woman of the house had the duty to tend to the family ‘grounds,’ as they were known – usually little plots of land either next to the home, or a short walk away.

14 Jun, 2018

A walk around Mr Godfrey’s garden

“See this tree there? That’s proper name is Eline Eline, and they use that to make Channel perfume,” said Mr. Nils Godfrey, from the front of his garden in the middle of George Town. There are all kinds of trees in Mr. Godfrey’s garden, and he uses them for many different things.

07 Jun, 2018

Joy of gardening

Ms. Joy really does have the right name, because her garden in Savannah Newlands is a pure expression of joy and happiness. It’s a celebration of color, like a wonderful firework display with all the fireworks going off at once.

01 Jun, 2018
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