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Opinions & Editorial 17 Aug, 2022 Follow News


“Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.” – Psalm 92:14

Our Creator has a plan for us even though we are not privy to the details. Our responsibility is to make wise decisions to help our bodies live a vibrant and full life and to impart our wisdom to those we are blessed to serve.

My maternal grandfather and my mother lived to 99 and 98 years, respectively. They have been the primary role models who have helped shape, mold, and transformed me past the 80-year mark.

Maintaining contact with the youth and writing a weekly column are disciplines which I have taken in my stride. Choosing a column topic is the first hurdle in my path each week. This week I am concerned about the many natural deaths of family friends, colleagues or school/college mates who have recently departed. Here are some reflections on my own efforts to remain vital and green.

The power of positive thinking, a Divine law, has been ingrained in my psyche since I was a teenager. Basically, the process is that whatever you focus on you will achieve. Why think negatively?

Also, I have found that true love is a commitment and not just a feeling, and is a strong predictor of health and happiness. These two philosophies have guided my behavior.

Certainly, as far as human health is concerned, I was fortunate to have been brought up in an environment where balanced nutritional intake was not a constraint and culinary expertise was part of the family tradition. Even though this has not changed over the years, I eat and drink in moderation.

I was very active from early, riding a tricycle around the backyard sometimes in my grandmother’s path and to my grandfather’s chagrin, and then participating actively in several competitive ball sports until my physical strength reduced the activity to regular swimming and walking at my own pace.

Sleeping was never a problem, it is claimed to be a Springer trait. Today I achieve the average recommended allotment of eight hours a day by sleeping four times a day. I claim it is the most efficient way of operating to make optimal use of the other 16 hours available.

The benefits of touch of fellow human beings include causing endorphins to assemble at the base of the brain to give you a high, as if by barbiturates, but without the side effects.

Peace of mind keeps you forever young and contributes to sustained happiness which is the purpose of life.

I respect the discipline of medicine, whether from the East or from the West, and diligently seek medical attention twice a year at least, including blood tests, eye tests and dental visits, whether or not there is a symptom or concern. This is part of my preventive care routine.

I take whatever medicine the doctor prescribes, check for any side effects, get vaccinated when advised, monitor my blood sugar and blood pressure levels regularly, boost my nutrition by appropriate supplements and experiment with natural remedies when appropriate.

In recent years I have been fortunate to continually receive the following mantra from my doctors: “Keep on doing what you are doing.” I follow their advice.

Dr. Harry Ramnarine of Ishtara Centre, Chaguanas, Trinidad, has mounted the New Energy Series of lectures. A new frontier has opened in medicine as researchers all around the world have become aware of the importance of the human microbiome.

Research by the Ishtara Centre has led to an understanding that the microbiome may be a source of life itself and interacts directly with consciousness. Learning about how you can instruct your microbiome to keep you on peak health and reverse the ageing process is enlightening.

By the grace of God, let us renew our minds each day, commit ourselves to knowledge and understanding, and with wisdom contribute to His will here on earth for as long as we can. In so doing, we shall age gracefully.

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