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Department of Sports Honouring Women Month International Women’s Day Remarks

Local News 07 Mar, 2023 Follow News

Department of Sports Honouring Women Month International Women’s Day Remarks

During the month of March, worldwide the focus is to celebrate women’s achievements and their and tireless efforts in these islands.  Department of Sports place even more emphasis during this period, to further inspire, educate, and engage our women and girls, on the important role sports in every capacity can positively impact their lives. It is absolutely vital, that we recognize women and girls for their accomplishments. Also, that we highlight the advancements made thus far; and, that we bridge gaps by providing and supporting initiatives, that increase more participation in sports overall; and, physical exercise activities.

In the past 3 years, many of our women and girls have experienced enormous pressure, unease and insecurity. Some of us coped more ably than others; which in no way belittle anyone who might have struggled more than some, or may still be struggling. In the coming weeks we will post short remarks from a variety of people in our community, who play a role in the forward movement of sports in our community, in myriad ways. It is our hope, that many others will be encourage by this. We cannot echo this quote enough, so I will share it again, International Women’s Day is not country, group or organization specific. It is a day that belongs to ALL groups, collectively everywhere. This year’s theme worldwide is #EmbraceEquity. 

Director of Sports Kurt Hyde, lends his wholehearted support to our ventures and had this to say… “Nationally and Internationally, people are having expressive conversations about why equal opportunities aren’t enough, and why equal isn’t always impartial. People begin life from different backgrounds, so true inclusion and belonging require equitable action. If we truly believe in, value and embrace equity, then women are more likely to have access to what’s essential to succeed. So, for HWM 2023, engage in those impactful conversations. raise awareness. Help drive positive change for women.

If you truly believe in creating an equal and inclusive world, then you will truly believe in the need for the world, and these islands to better understand the difference between equity and equality.

Make it your duty to educate friends, family, colleagues, and the community on the need for equity”.

My supervisor Assistant Director of Sports Emily Kelly, leads by example; and unstintingly lends her support, to all wellness initiatives; programmes; and events. She had this to say…

As a former national and collegiate athlete, and a working professional in the sports industry I know how powerful sports can be when it comes to social development and enhancing communities. In particular, it has been a primary means of paving the way for conversations and action surrounding gender equity. The theme for 2023 Women’s History Month is embracing equity and while there is still a long way to go, it’s important to recognize the tremendous strides we’ve made in our journey to achieving this goal. It’s even more valuable to celebrate the resilient women who have pushed for change no matter the personal cost, and the men who have empowered them along the way.

Everything from the language we use when raising our young girls, to the policies and programmes put in place, there is always room for growth. We all need to operate with intentionality to ensure every young girl understands that their potential knows no bounds, and that we will continue to challenge the systems in place so that they affirm that belief.”

That being said, we thank all women and girls for: The countless ways, they each have dedicated their effort and time, contributing uniquely to the advancement of sports in our islands. The work is far from over, if we want better opportunities for women and girls in our islands. 

Our elite athletes; regional and local athletes; administrators; officials and coaches from various sports play, further reinforces the resilient of women and girls. This is not to be taken lightly, and more so, in times where we face so much challenges. It validates that women and girls should be given the necessary resources, that the will allow them to get explore opportunities, so that they can accomplish even more. This will motivate and encourage others to believe that they can too.

I thank all residents and investors who support gender equality; and appeal to everyone of you to please, encourage your circle of loved ones.  Be it family, friends or colleagues; so that they might decide to join you, as you renew your passion; and again, this year, take the pledge to #EbmraceEquity. It’s been said that individually we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions; all day every day. So, let’s choose to do what is right, and speak up against gender prejudices and inequity. Also, we can choose to remember and celebrate women’s achievements. Jointly we all can help create a more inclusive world.

To create a Cayman Islands where our females and males, have equal opportunity; not only in sports but in every area of their lives; we must, continue to collaborate. To attain this, it is vital that we remain steadfast; and unite communally as a people, that calls for fairness for all. We must stand for no less. That way our girls and boys; women and men will all be positioned for better opportunities and a chance for a brighter future. When women, have improved lives and opportunities, it is a fact, that it lends to a better quality of life for all.

Merta (Meita) Day

Sports Coordinator for Women

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