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Health Care 12 Feb, 2020 Follow News


On a daily basis, enzymes perform countless functions in your body to keep you healthy, alive and thriving abundantly. Of the myriad of functions they are created to carry out, breaking down food for energy is the key. More specifically today, I am referring to PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES. Their key role is to breakdown and digest proteins. These enzymes are produced in your stomach and pancreas. They are also essential for blood clotting, immune function and protein recycling, cell division. Interestingly, like humans plants also depend on this specific enzyme for its health and defense mechanisms against pests like pests.

Our bodies produce 3 main types of this enzyme- pepsin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin. When we have our meals these go to work on the protein contents. As they work they break the proteins into smaller fragments called amino acids. It’s in this from that they are properly absorbed and digested. If after consuming any form of meat and the burping leads to a taste of that meat it means that break down was not completed properly. That’s where proteolytic enzymes come to the rescue.

The two best sources of these unique enzymes are papaya and pineapple. But some people are allergic to these. That’s where supplementation comes in. Papain is found in the leaves, root and fruit of the papaya plant. For thousands of years it has been used as meat tenderizer because of its power to break down proteins.

Proteolytic Enzymes also enhances the cardiovascular system.

On the other hand, there’s bromelain. This is found in the skin, fruit and sweet juice of the pineapple plant. Other rich sources of these enzymes are: kiwi fruit, ginger, asparagus, yogurt to name a few. The problem is the quantity of these to be consumed in order to obtain maximum requirement. In the last couple of years I have added this to my health regimen with great results, especially with my digestion. Maybe, you can try them. I use phi-zymes from Baseline Nutritionals. Blessings for great health.

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