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Flag Football Winners announced

Sports 07 Jun, 2021 Follow News

Flag Football Winners announced

Last week Burger King COED League finals ended with some twist and turns as teams were determined to become this season’s COED 2021 Champions


Popeyes vs PDs (semi-final A Division)

The most anticipated game of the playoffs and the First semi-final game for the evening in the A Division saw Popeyes and PD battling it out. Popeyes had a rough start as they tried to execute on some plays but could not quite connect with their receivers. PDs led by Cueme parker who did an incredible job stepping into the quarterback position; had no issues getting the ball moving on their drives as they marched down the field securing first downs which got them closer to the end zone to secure the first touchdown of the evening. Lisa Malice tries extremely hard to put her team in scoring position. Brendon Malice steps up as quarterback after a few drives, he manages to get a ball off to Nicolas (Insert last name) but Cueme Parkers intercepts the ball at the 40 yard line and scores for PD. PDs misses their extra point and the score is now 13-0. Second half and its PD to start with the ball but Popeyes managed to shut down their offense with some great defensive strategies to turn the ball back over to them. Popeyes gets their groove back and drives down the field with Brendon Malice to put points on the scoreboard. The score is now 13-6 to PDs. Jamall (insert last name) of Popeyes applies pressure to Cueme Parker and gets a couple of sacks. With PD in red zone, Abdul (insert last name) was also able to sack Parker for a huge loss. Parker tries to get his team out of the danger zone, throws to his receiver but overthrows and the ball was deflected by Popeyes. Turnover on down and Popeyes now has a chance to even the odds. Lisa Malice sends a pass to LaRue (Insert last name) who runs the ball down and brings his team past the 40-yard line. Popeyes creeps closing to scoring position; Lisa Malice sends a pass to Nicolas (Insert last name) who scores and converted the extra point which now ties the game. With less than 2 mins left in the game Parker tries to bring his team to victory and hands the ball to Fabio who runs the ball to scoring position, but unfortunately PDs could not execute the touchdown. Popeyes takes the ball and drives down the field with Lisa connecting with LaRue (Insert last name), Brendon and pull (Insert his real first and last name) as receivers. With less than 24 seconds left in the game, Lisa sends a pass to LaRue who scores the final touchdown for Popeyes and it is Popeyes for the win in the semi-finals. The end score is 20-13 to Popeyes.


Magnum vs Sandbar (semi-final B Division)

The semi-final game for the B Division was another battle to watch! Good start for Sandbar moving the ball on their first drive to try and score their first touchdown, but that would quickly change as Josh Whittaker from Magnum intercepts the ball not allowing Sandbar to score and giving Magnum good field position. Quarterback Tonia Ebanks finds Cedric Gidarisingh in the end zone opening the scoreboard for Magnum. Mike Carey of Sandbar denies Magnum the extra point conversion with pick giving Sandbar back the ball. Sandbar attempts to tie the game on their last drive before the half with a long pass to Alexandra Mattocks but was not able to score ending the half at 6 to 0. Second half had Sandbar coming back out determined to tie the game which they were able to score early with a touchdown from Shanice Bodden and they manage to secure the extra point putting them in the lead at 7 to 6. The game then became a defensive battle on both sides. Magnum was able to reach the red zone again with just over 2 minutes left in the game but were not able to score as Angel Chavez Ferreira seals the game by intercepting Tonia Ebanks pass in the end zone sending Sandbar to the finals ending the score at 7 to 6.


The Bird vs Deloitte (semi-final A Division)

Deloitte 21 - The Bird 20

A thrilling game between the Bird and Deloitte came down to overtime to decide a winner. Deloitte would end up winning the highly contested game by 1pt. Deloitte were able to score on their first possession as they moved the ball down the field with short passes and runs. This steady slow pace took a ton of time off the clock and also put pressure on The Bird Team. The bird were able to score before halftime but didn't not convert the extra point. Half-Time score was Deloitte 7 - The bird 6.

The second half started with Deloitte once again moving the ball down the entire field before Jen Choice caught a touchdown from quarterback Jamie Stephens. Score was then 14 - 6 as they converted on the extra point. When all seemed lost for The Bird, quarterback David Taylor threw a pass to Andrew Fredrick which he lateraled back to David who then ran 40 yards to score a spectacular touchdown. Taylor then connected with Ashley Wood for the 2pt conversion to tie the game sending the game into overtime. Deloitte got the ball first and were able to score on the first play with a beautiful TD catch by Jen Choice. They also were able to convert the extra point and take a 7pt lead. It took all 4 downs before Nate Narcisse was able to catch a touchdown pass from Erica Bosch. The bird were unable to convert the extra point and loss the game by 1.

Players of the game

• Jamie Stephens

• Jen Choice


Cayman Auto vs Credit Union (semi-final B Division)

Last year saw Cayman Auto in both the semi-finals and finals which did not went their way. This year their season started rough with loss after loss, but somehow Cayman Auto manages to pull their socks up and make it once again to this Semi-finals to face off against Credit Union for a spot in the finals. Credit Union would start with the ball as Peter (Insert last name) lead his team down the field to try and place some points on the board. Cayman Auto defense hungry for victory would not let up and placed pure pressure on Credit Unions Offense. Deighton Parker would interrupt several attempts to Credit Union passes by way of interception and batting the ball down making it impossible for Credit Union receivers to complete passes. Cayman Auto on Drive would gracefully move the ball down the field as they get closer to the end zone, but several missed attempts prevented them from getting the touchdown. Credit Union would be the first to place points on the board as they delivered successful passes which placed them in scoring position for a touchdown. Robbie Cribb of Cayman Auto would find his receivers also for touchdowns. Krista Samuels would intercept Credit Union ball during their drive and place her team right in the end zone in which they manage to score a touchdown with Jahrion Bodden to take the lead against Credit Union. Credit Union manages to find Ernesto (Insert last name) for a touchdown which places both team neck and neck. Another touchdown by Cayman Auto places some distance between them and Credit Union. It’s Parker with another interception during Credit Union drive gives the ball back to Cayman Auto. With Cayman Auto on full throttle down after down, there was no catching up to them. Final touchdown by Micheal Smikle seals the game and it is Cayman Auto who is off to the finals to face Sandbar. Final score Cayman Auto 26 – Credit Union 12


Will – Popeyes vs Deloitte (Final A Division)

It is now the finals and everyone in attendance was treated to a matchup that did not disappoint. Popeyes, the reigning league champions, looking to defend their title, after a hard-fought match against PDs in the Semi-Final round. The contender this year was Deloitte who overcame a Semi-Finals round matchup against The Bird, who many had considered the favorite to make it to the Finals. These two powerhouse teams are no strangers to the big stage! Both Offense and Defense came to play! First half of play, Deloitte would strike first after a pass interference penalty on a deep throw to Taj Haye that would bring the Mambas within scoring distance, leading to a run by Jordan Cacho where he danced his way into the endzone, however the conversion attempt failed, and the Mambas only walked away with a 6-0 lead. Brendan Malice who led Popeyes squad would respond almost immediately, and with precision, hitting LaRue Nixon, one of the most dangerous players on island with the ball in his hands, who turned a 5-yard catch into a 50yard score! Popeyes would convert on that score, with the match at 7-6 going into half-time. In Second half the fireworks continued, with dynamic efforts by Jamal (last name) of Popeyes and Chris Bennett of Deloitte making some impressive tackles with their rushing. Both teams held their own leading into the final stages of the game. Deloitte found the endzone for the third time, making it a 18-7 affair. Popeye would have to put up a fight to stay in the game and come out with the win. This led to a touchdown drive for Popeyes with their execution and sound offensive strategy, which exposed the weaknesses of the Deloitte Mambas defense. On the final drive by Popeyes, who were a touchdown away from defending their title; Chris Bennett and the Deloitte Mambas defense sealed the game with a game ending defensive stand making them this years 2021 COED League Champions.


Scimone – Cayman Auto vs Sandbar (Final B Division)

B Division final had Cayman Auto starting on offense as they chipped away at Sandbar's defense, however they were not successful in getting the touchdown. Turnover on downs had Sandbar quickly capitalizing on their possession with a touchdown pass from quarterback Mike (insert last name) to Michael Swaby who leaked behind Cayman Auto defenders. Extra Point conversion attempt was no good for Sandbar placing the score at 6- 0 with 5:30 remaining in the first half. Michael (Smikle) runs the ball back on Cayman Auto’s first possession for an 80-yard touchdown run. Extra Point attempt was no good and score now 6-6. Just before the half-time whistle, Sandbar's makes a 50-yard pass attempt to Shawn (insert last name) however the pass was incomplete, and it is now half-time. Sandbar starts in the 2nd half with the ball. Cayman Auto tightens their defense to not allow much yard gains for Sandbar. It’s 4th and long with an attempt to Angel (Insert last name) which gets batted down by Deighton Parker to turn the ball over to Cayman Auto offense just short of the 20-yard line. The Auto bots would capitalize on this great field position with Michael Smikle taking on Sandbar defender in a 1 on 1 battle scoring the 2nd touchdown for his team. Extra Points to Jamal Anderson was no good. Score is now 13 - 6.

Sandbar tried to provide an answer to Cayman Auto’s touchdown on a 4th down attempt when quarterback Mike (Insert last name), showing great patience, executed a beautiful 40-yard pass that was incomplete. Under 1 minute left in the game and the ball is turned over with Cayman Auto at the helm. Jahrion Bodden runs the ball straight into the end zone for the third and final touchdown for Cayman Auto making the score now 19-6 and Cayman Auto for the first time ever being division B 2021 COED league Champions.


MVPs of Finals as follow:

A Division: Deloitte’s Ericia Burke and James Stephenson

B Division: Deighton Parker and Krista Samuels

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