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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Notices 15 Sep, 2022 Follow News

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about topics and events following the passing of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
How did Her Late Majesty pass?
Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral on the afternoon of 8 September.
How long is the National Mourning period?
11 days, beginning from the announcement that Her Late Majesty The Queen passed away until 8:00AM on the day after the State Funeral.
When will her funeral take place?
Her funeral will take place on Monday, 19 September.
Will there be a public holiday?
Monday, 19 September, the day of Her Late Majesty The Queen’s State Funeral, has been declared a public holiday in the Cayman Islands. 
When should flags be half-masted?
All flags, both the Cayman Islands flag and the Union Jack, will be flown at half-mast until 8:00AM on the day after the State Funeral.
One exception will be during the period of the Proclamation of the new Sovereign – at which time they will be raised as King Charles III accedes to the throne. This exception will be the raising of flags to full-mast on the day of the meeting of the Accession Council in the UK until the end of the local ceremony for the proclamation of the new Sovereign which will happen on the following day. 
As such, flags should be raised to full-mast from Saturday, 10 September, until 9:30am Sunday, 11 September following the conclusion of the Proclamation reading. They are then to remain at half-mast until the day after the State Funeral on 19 September.  
 Unless up-lit, flags should be taken down daily at sunset as per standard protocol.
Will there be a memorial service in Cayman?
The Cayman Islands is planning its own special service of commemoration. Details will be announced later but the service will take place sometime after the State Funeral in the United Kingdom.
What is the dress code for attending any related events?
Dark suit with black tie or day dress. Men who do not own a suit may wear a white shirt with black tie and black dress pants.
Will schools close?
Schools will be closed on Monday, 19 September in observance of the public holiday which has been declared in the Cayman Islands in honour of Her Late Majesty. 
Should events scheduled during the National Mourning period be cancelled?
As a mark of respect, it may be appropriate to cancel, postpone or modify events which had been planned during this period. Particular consideration should be given to any events scheduled for the day of the State Funeral itself. It is unlikely to be appropriate to go ahead with any events on that day. If an event goes ahead, organisers may consider observing a minute’s silence or making a similar gesture. In general, careful consideration should also be given to the types of events being held or promoted during the period of National Mourning. In displaying our collective sense of respect and grief, organisers may wish to reconsider festive or celebratory events. However, smaller private/family events like weddings or children’s birthday parties are appropriate to proceed. 
Will Cayman Islands Events (12-15 September at the Ritz Carlton) hosted by CTO (Caribbean Tourism Association) and the Ministry and Department of Tourism be cancelled?
The main conference activities will go ahead as planned with social engagements being modified and/or muted as a mark of respect for Her Late Majesty The Queen.
Will Caribbean Aviation Day events (14 September) be cancelled?
Hosted by IATA (International Air Transport Association), Ministry and Department of Tourism, and CTO
Business related events will go ahead as planned with social engagements being modified and/or muted as a mark of respect for Her Late Majesty The Queen.
Will the Miss World Cayman Islands Pageant (17 September) be cancelled?
It will be postponed, not cancelled. The new date will be announced by the organisers.
Will sporting events be cancelled?
It is expected that most sporting events will be postponed until after the period of National Mourning.
When will the Cayman Islands have their moment of national silence?
A two-minute national silence is planned throughout the UK to coincide with the concluding moments of the State Funeral Service in Westminster Abbey (around 11:54AM UK time, or 5:54AM Cayman time). The CIG will announce the time for the local moment of silence once the date of the State Funeral is confirmed.
What is the dress code for public servants?
All public servants are encouraged to dress sensitively (e.g. muted colours) if out on official business. Uniformed services should wear black armbands while on duty.
Where can I go to sign the condolence book?
Physical condolence books will be opened to the community to sign beginning from Friday, 9 September until the day of the State Funeral, and can be found at the Government Administration Building in Grand Cayman and District Administration Building in Cayman Brac. These buildings are open during usual business hours of 8:30AM to 5:00PM and the physical condolence books may be signed during these hours.
A calendar showing when an additional condolence book will be taken to each district will be publicised this weekend. A digital condolence book is also available here.
Alternatively, you may also sign the digital book of condolences on the Royal.UK website.  
Where can I place flowers?
Floral tributes or bouquets can be left on the steps of the Government Administration Building and the front gates of Government House.
Who will represent the Cayman Islands at the funeral in the UK?
The Governor and the Premier will travel to London to attend the State Funeral Service in Westminster Abbey. In addition, The Governor and the Premier’s respective spouses as well as the UK Representative have also been invited to the Lying-in-State (at Westminster Hall) and the Formal Signing of the Condolence Book at Lancaster House.
Will the Cayman Islands participate in the Gun Salutes?
On Friday, 9 September, there was a 96 Gun Salute at Government House. This was live streamed on Government digital channels starting at 9:55AM.  
What does Her Late Majesty The Queen’s death mean for the Cayman Islands? What will change?
Anything named in the honour of Her Late Majesty The Queen will remain in her name, e.g. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.
When will the images on the currency of the Cayman Islands be updated to have The King on it? And how does the change happen?
They will be phased out over time.
While older “A” and “B” series banknotes have been withdrawn, no denominations or issues of currency have been devalued. All notes and coins issued by the Cayman Islands Currency Board and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority remain legal tender and can be redeemed for face value at any of the local commercial banks or at the Authority’s Currency Division located on the Ground Floor of the Government Administration Building, George Town.
What is an appropriate way to speak of The Queen now that she has passed?
You may refer to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Where can I find more information about Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II?
You can learn more about Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the Royal UK website.
How long did Queen Elizabeth II reign?
70 years. Her Late Majesty The Queen reigned longer than any British monarch, taking the throne in 1952, at the young age of 25. In June of this year, we celebrated the first ever Platinum Jubilee to mark her historic seven-decade reign.
Learn more here.
How many times did The Queen visit the Cayman Islands?
Twice. In 1983 and 1994.
Read about the Royal Visits here.
Who is the New Sovereign and what is his style and title?
His Majesty King Charles III. 
Learn more about The King.
Will the National Anthem Change?
The melody of the national anthem remains the same. However, the words will change to “God save the King” and the references to “her” will be changed to “him”.
What will happen to official seals and envelopes that currently say “On Her Majesty’s Service”?
They will continue to be used until instructions are received that the new seals are to be used from then on, and that any superseded seals are to be disposed of.
Will the Cayman Islands Government operate differently during the National Mourning period?
During this period, communication from the Cayman Islands Government will be limited to information about Her Late Majesty the Queen, the State Funeral, Proclamation of the new Sovereign and related events. This includes press releases and posts on social media channels. However, all public policies, services and programmes will continue to be delivered as usual.
Will there be public screenings of the state funeral?
Yes, this is being considered to allow people who desire to join with others in a public setting to view the livestream of the State Funeral. Locations will be confirmed after the date of the State Funeral has been announced. 
Should photographs of Her Late Majesty The Queen be taken down?
Photographs of Her Late Majesty are to remain displayed for the time being. Details of the arrangements for changing photographs or pictures of Her Late Majesty, which may be displayed in official buildings, will be announced in due course.
When does the Queen’s Counsel change to King’s Counsel?
The change was immediate.  The King’s Counsel (previously Queen’s Counsel) refers to a set of barristers and solicitors who the monarch appoints to be part of His Majesty’s Counsel.  The designations are now changed from QC to KC.
Last updated: Saturday, 10 September at 12:48 pm

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