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It’s time to go to the Polls

Breaking News 01 Jul, 2020 Follow News

It’s time to go to the Polls

Caymanian Times have decided to reactivate its weekly poll which only allows 1 vote per person within the Cayman Islands.

This prevents multiple votes and the results are tabulated electronically on an overseas server which also prevents tampering.

We have chosen not to display the results on a continuous basis on the website as we have found that this affects voters thought process and does not provide accurate results.

Our latest poll which was open during the last four days asked the question “Cayman's Economic Recovery also depends on the re-opening of its Borders. Should the Government reopen our borders on September 1, 2020?

Voters were also be allowed to make comments in anonymity.

588 voters participated in the Poll and the results show that the majority of the voters preferred the borders to be closed past September 1, 2020.




“YES” responses with comments

• Open to safe countries. Not the USA.

• I believe that Cayman is a place where there’s a lot civilized humans and that a following the protocols. I believe by following all the safety protocols, we will be safe and healthy. My perspective in re-opening back the borders and other companies would be great for those whom are in need of jobs and responsible for paying bills.

• If the necessary testing and protocols are in place at our airport

• ONLY if visitors to the Islands agree to follow the requirements such a wearing of masks when required and any other measures deemed necessary to help prevent the spread of this virus I would be in agreement. A signed document would be given to Immigration upon entry indicating their agreement. Failure to comply would result in a fine and they would be put off the Island.

• I think we need to open as soon as possible and find a safe way to do so. Maybe start with allowing people from certain countries only to come.

• Put the necessary plan in place and open the airport

• Should have been opened up long ago...

• Subject to testing and quarantining restrictions being implemented for all travelers.

• I would LOVE if we were following Iceland’s model of handling the virus and for opening up to tourism. They have done an incredible job with fantastic results!! I think we could be very successful as well if we were braver and didn’t make decisions out of fear and ego.

• But not to people coming from the US until their numbers come down.

• They should be opened with mandatory testing.

• Should never have been shut down!!!

• Cig has had lots of time to put a plan together and should be able to start putting measures in place to open up in Sept. If not then, WHEN?

• Yes but with imposing travel bans to countries with high COVID cases - same as the EU has done with banning travelers from the U.S.

• We need our freedom to move around.

• The Cayman Islands does not have any other sustainable income then tourism. In the time we have been quarantined, the government could have very easily joined the multi-billion dollar industry in Cannabis Tourism. This could have easily replaced the cruise ship industry and created a more then sustainable jobs for Caymanians, and a 50% tax for the government, but unfortunately Cayman likes to take a reactive approach rather then being proactive, and rely on its deep rooted religious beliefs by sacrificing their own people’s livelihood.

• Covid-19 will be around for a while, and life needs to go on. It is not as deadly as first anticipated.

• With restrictions similar to Jamaica

• To countries like Canada who have the virus well under control.

• Yes definitely. There are plans which can be implemented to test ppl before boarding. Other islands are doing it. Why aren’t we? The ppl who spend money on island are the airport tourists. I volunteer with ARK and I have seen and heard the stories of ppl having no rent, no food, no money for child care. The economical casualties are going to be far greater than Covid. Will the gvt give money to those housekeeping, bar staff , etc to help them (yes! CaymanIan!), I doubt it. Most have applied for NAU in March & have still not had a response.

• But be selective with where people are coming from

• With restriction. Only from places that are not picking in cases and subject to testing before traveling and test on arrival.

• It is very likely that your survey will get a lot of no votes because of what is happening in the US right now. However 1st September is still 9 weeks away. Let's remember where Europe was 9 weeks ago in mid April. A lot will change between now and 1st September and we need a real plan to open our borders for residents and tourists alike. Every other regional country has a plan to open their borders, why doesn't Cayman?

• Must be in phases, first phase should be to allow in condo OWNERS. Then high end tourists private jets min 6 week stay. Staying at isolated quarantine resorts or condos on 7MB area only. All with appropriate pre-testing and local movement restrictions. Reason: cannot fully open borders and send kids back to school same time and risk a large outbreak. So isolate tourists to the tourist strip.

• Yes but limited to just a few (test)

• 30th July

• But with a country bubble.

• Only to certain countries with low case numbers and persons with a negative Covid-19 test <48hrs old

• Fly the gate! The business & livelihood of the country must continue.

• People are starving and homeless because of no work.

• By Sep Covid19 cases would be more manageable.

• But only if strong screening measures in place. Yes to airport, no to cruises

• Opening the borders is substantial to the economy but strict measures should be undertaken to ensure that no transmission of the virus from incoming tourist or returning residents.

• It’s been a hoax from day one. Statistics don’t lie! Open the world up.

• But only for people who have been tested and are Covid free

• I say yes, but only to Countries that have proven to have a handle on their internal Covid situation. So definitely not opening back to the US, Brazil, etc.


“NO” responses with comments

• Still too dangerous for our health

• The government should continue to closely monitor the "outside world" and ensure that this virus is under control. It would be a shame for Cayman to open it's borders and undo all the great efforts that have been taken by the HSA, government and the people to keep our islands safe. Plus the fact that September is always the slowest month of the year in Cayman... the month where most places close for renovations.

• A mistake with the spiking. The first outbreak on Cayman was from a tourist.

• We have done so well to keep it out! Can not let the gates open

• We have worked hard to get to this point. Re opening in September would be catastrophic.

• No. Not until the infection rate in the U.S. and U.K. is under control. We don’t want another wave of infection.

• Not until US get the virus under control

• The Government has done a fantastic job in controlling the virus, if we open the border to tourists eg american, British or cruise ships etc we will most definitely bring the virus back to the island and will be right back to square one. A disaster to our islands. Please keep our borders closed to tourists and keep the air bridge flights as they are with people having to quarantine on return.

• Absolutely not. There are too many places with no controls in place. We’ve done well thus far, let’s not set ourselves up for failure.

• Wait till USA have less numbers of sick people at the moment there numbers are rising

• Not with the current state of the USA

• It depends on the virus and whether our partners have it under control. Currently EU counties are mulling over the idea of banning Americans, due e uncontrolled rate of infection. However, those countries that have managed to virus well are able to travel back and forth. We could take a similar approach

• With current situation in the USA I would think not. Not until next year.

• I think we should wait, some people don’t respect the fact that it’s dangerous.

• Way too early for a small island


“MORE TIME NEEDED” responses with comments

• Concerned about letting in people from countries with significant number of cases such as the US

• The US is not taking this virus seriously and they should not be allowed to infect our island. Until the numbers start to decline, I think it is more important to protect everything we have done thus far than to open the borders for the economy. This is my thought even with both my husband and I working in the tourism industry and currently out of work.

• We have worked so hard. Let’s keep borders closed for a few more months to let out kids get back to school!

• Don't Hurry, we just got 2 weeks without positive, wait until a little bit, give the constituent the breathing space after 3 months of lockdown, knowing no cases around, let us rejuvenate and let the government assess how the world outside can affect and how safe it is to re-open our borders, noting the outside world still in heights of its contagion. Rethink rethink and re-assess, it takes only one to knocked us down.

• And select which countries/citizens can come in from and go to. The US is in a severe health risk and totally uncontrolled so needs to be isolated.

• We should not open until current residents can make a round trip without having to quarantine.

• We need to see how things go in other countries, especially USA, Canada and UK.

We also need to see if there are improvements in the quality and reliability of the rapid tests. If testing improves, that would help us open sooner, rather than later.

• As hard as it will be the USA is the main part of tourism and they need to sort their behaviors and level of the virus before coming here and infecting us.

• We need to make sure that rapid testing is available at departing airport so no one positive can come into the country


“OTHER” responses with comments

• We need to see what is happening in the US.

• How about direct flights to Toronto and other places not USA?

• Only if people can get a near instant covid test before boarding the plane.

• Watch Jamaica’s reopening strategy closely. If it works copy and build on it. They have implemented so innovative tracking measures for tourists as well as testing those who arrive.

• Not to the United States. I am fine with opening our borders to other countries but not the USA. Besides the fact that their cases keep going up, they also have too much people that doesn't want to wear masks or social distance. They think that Corona isn't real.

• Yes, with precautions like Iceland is doing.

• Only if residents can leave and return with no quarantine.

• The idea with the most traction atm are the 'international travel bubbles' whereby certain clusters of nearby countries begin to set up (what would be in our case) inter-island travel. I think the next step after the Cayman Islands open up to each other again would be to proceed with expanding that to the rest of the Caribbean & then with a view to linking up with other bubbles deemed successful on a case by case basis.

• Need to wait and see what happens in the States as it’s too early to call

• The decision needs to be based on whether they are able to put sufficient policies and procedures in place to allow the borders to open with a sufficient degree of safety. It's not a simple or straightforward decision to make.

• We must be certain we have proper protocols in place to protect everyone before opening our borders.

• Depends on how incoming countries are doing and how we can test for the virus prior to allowing entry - rapid testing, antibody testing etc. Temps are useless as people are largely asymptomatic

• It would be good to see what happens in other jurisdictions over the next couple months to determine what policies/practices make sense and are effective so they can be implemented here as well.

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