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Health Care 29 Jan, 2020 Follow News


Plant based protein has been given an unfairly bad rap. The major complaint is that it’s not sufficient in protein content. Not only is this misconception totally untrue, plant protein provides amazing health benefits. No matter the type of diet that you follow, PROTEIN IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR HEALTH. Protein is a constituent of every cell in your body. Your body uses protein to build muscles, repair tissues, and produce enzymes and hormones. So, what are the benefits of PLANT PROTEIN?

Proteins are made up of amino acids and there are 20 of them. The body is able to create 11 0f them, and the other 9 known as, “essential amino acids,” come from your diet. A complete protein must contain all of these 9.

SPROUT BASED - According to Maggie Berghoff, MAN, NFP, “when you do so prior to eating whether it’s nuts, grains, seeds or beans, the process makes it easier for your to digest and absorb. We want to make the foo as easy as possible for the body to identify, break down and use as fuel. Plant based protein is excellent for these purposes.”

PEA PROTEIN IS A GREAT SOURCE OF IRON - Red meat is currently the top source of protein in the American diet. One serving of pea protein powder provided 35% of your daily DV. In comparison animal based protein provides 0% iron for you.

NUT PROTEIN LOADED WITH HEALTHY FATS - There’s no better source of your daily intake of healthy fats than nut butters. “They are not only a super healthy way to add healthy fats to your diet - which balance hormones, control sugar levels, and maintain proper appetite, they are also easily digested by the body,” says Maggie Berghoff.

KEEPS YOU FULLER LONGER - This is ideal for today’s busy routine - Have you ever noticed how relatively quickly you feel hungry after consuming animal protein? I have had those experiences because eI never gave this type of protein any credence. A Food and Nutrition study found that when young men consumed plant-based protein from legumes, they consumed 12% less calories in their next meal. Amazing! Experts believe that the high fiber content of the plant protein is responsible for this.

Dr. Steven Gundry, renowned Cardiologist says, “It’s wise to substitute animal protein with plant based at least 3 times a week.”

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