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RCIPS Easter Holiday Message

Law Enforcement 06 Apr, 2023 Follow News

RCIPS Easter Holiday Message

As we approach the Easter Weekend, the RCIPS would like to remind the public of some steps they can take to have a safe and enjoyable weekend while reducing their chances of becoming a victim of crime.

During the holiday period, many residents across the Cayman Islands will engage in camping activities or will be travelling overseas. Because of this, incidents of burglaries usually increase during this time of year, as burglars may take advantage of homes while they are vacant.

With this in mind we are advising the public to consider the tips below and implement as many as possible before leaving your homes:

* Before leaving to travel or go camping, make an inventory of your valuables, including recording serial numbers of your electronics and taking pictures of your jewelry and storing them on your phone and in your email as a backup.

* Be sure to properly lock and secure your premises before going camping or travelling.

* Be sure to leave lights on inside and outside the property. If you have light timers, it is best to have these set up while you are away.

* Consider storing valuable items within interior rooms in the residence, and locking these doors. This will make it harder for would-be thieves to get access to your valuable possessions.

* Clear any shrubbery, tools and other such items from your yard, so as not to provide burglars with tools they can use to gain entry or conceal themselves from detection.

* If you have neighbours who will not be camping or traveling, consider asking them to keep an eye on your property for you. Alternatively, have someone you trust check on your property while you are away and unable to do so yourself.

* Consider leaving the campsite occasionally and making checks on your property.

* If you have windows and door shutters, put these up while your away.

* Consider implementing alarms and camera systems if you are able, especially those that can be monitored from your mobile phones and alert you immediately.

While you are at the campsites, there are also a few tips for you to consider:

* Be sure to secure your belongings when camping. Remain vigilant of your valuables at all times.

* Park vehicles in well-lit and monitored areas and check on your vehicle regularly. Try not to leave valuable in your vehicles, especially not where they can be seen from the outside.

* As camping does come with some risk, pay very close attention to children for their safety, especially around fires and in the water.  Ensure young children wear proper floatation devices and are under constant adult supervision.

* Try to ensure there are persons within your camp site who are up to date with CPR/first-aid training and that there is a first-aid kit on site.

* Use the buddy system and ensure that someone knows where you are at all times.

* While camping, it is also important to follow all relevant laws and not to trespass on private property. However, owners of waterfront property should also remember that their beachside property boundaries do not extend past the high-water mark, and that the public is permitted to access the beach up to that point, in accordance with the Land Survey Regulations (2018 Revision) section 28 and the Development and Planning Regulations (2022 Revision) section 8 (10).

* Ensure that you keep your mobile phones charged and in good condition at all times so that in the event of an emergency you are able to call for help.

* Identify a responsible person, or persons, at each campsite to take lead on any incidents that may occur.

* Any animals taken to the campsite must be properly tethered so as not to pose a risk/annoyance to others

* Ensure that your campsites are acting in accordance with the Towns and Communities Act. This includes no loud music or noises which may cause a nuisance to home owners and other members of the public

* Ensure that you obey the National Conservation Laws, observing seasonal marine life closures and limits.

* Ensure that you obey the Port Authority Law as it relates to boating, especially near the shores and camp sites where persons may be in the water.

* Remember that littering is against the law. Ensure that you clean up the campsites and beaches before leaving your designated areas.

When travelling on the roadways, the public should also consider:

* Remember that the DUI limit has now been reduced to .07% so be sure not to drink and drive.

* Be sure not to exceed the speed limit and reduce your speeds in the weather is poor.

* Give 100% of your attention to driving and be on the lookout for cyclist and pedestrians.

* Cyclists are reminded to travel with the flow of traffic and operate as a vehicle would.

* Drive with courtesy, but also drive defensively.

* Superintendent Brad Ebanks states, “Our community officers will be making regular visits to camp sites and speaking with campers to encourage safety and at the same time ensure that the peace is being kept. Our traffic officers will be showing a heightened presence on our roadways to encourage good driving behaviour with a particular focus on discouraging DUI and speeding.  We also remind the public that the level of alcohol has been lowered to .07%,” he further went on to say “There will also be increase patrols in residential areas and we are asking for the public’s assistance to help us keep you safe by heeding the safety tips provided as much as possible. On behalf of the RCIPS I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter.”

Stay tuned to our social media pages and our website for these and other information during the Easter Holidays.

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