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Health Care 01 Apr, 2020 Follow News


Get sunshine

The CORONA VIRUS is indeed occupying the hearts and minds of everyone - WORLDWIDE. As the situation unfolds the medical fraternity has been in non-stop research and evaluation to come up with the best practices possible. As my research progresses I came upon a splendid article and what are some basic and simple health activities we can do.

GET SUNSHINE - PLEASE GET OUTSIDE AND GET SOME SUN. Think about it. Most of us hardly get sun on a daily basis. We are more stuck for the majority of the day in air-conditioned arrangements. What happens then? Our immune system gets little if any benefits from this. The advice is – DO NOT STAY LOCKED INSIDE YOUR HOUSE. According to one researcher, “It’s the worst thing you can do for your immune system. I am not suggesting getting in crowded areas. But right outside your house. Walk around for about 10-15 minutes. Get the fresh air. The production of vitamin D in your skin is just one aspect of how sunshine boosts your immune system - critical right now more than ever. The sun also improves your mood, serotonin levels for sleep, as well, your hormones. It is believed that getting this vitamin via the sun is significantly higher than supplementation. So please make an effort to get outside for daily walks in the sun. YOU WILL NOT CATCH THE VIRUS BY BREATHING OUTDOOR AIR.

HERBS - While most of them will not kill the virus, they give your immune system an injection of power, which can reduce your risk of catching the virus. So, the point is – IT WON’T HURT to stock up. At this time a HGIH DOSE of vitamin C is paramount. Take a lemon, slice and place into a mug of hot water. Sip throughout the day. Your children can consume it as well. And surely use the supplementation as well. Other helpful ones include garlic, zinc, olive leaf, astargalus and elderberry and querecitin.

BONE BROTH - Renowned Nutritionist Mike Geary says, “I drink bone broth each day as they have been shown to have a powerful effect on the immune system.”

Remember also, the importance of washing hands and face. This should be done every time you return home from the grocery, pharmacy or area that had many persons. Wash hand from elbows down for no less than 20 seconds with ANY TYPE OF SOAP. Wash face also with soap for the same length of time. Also, in your grocery shopping be sure to stock up on an abundance of fruits and high protein foods.

So, let’s try not to panic but stay calm, trust in God because no matter what we do, HIS POWER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.

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