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The Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing and Infrastructure, Cayman Islands Government Takes Bold Steps to Address Housing Challenges

Government 06 Nov, 2023 Follow News

Hon Johany Jay Ebanks

In a resolute commitment to provide opportunities for Caymanians to access adequate and affordable housing, the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure (MPAHI) under the Guidance of Honourable Minister, Johany “Jay” Ebanks, is proud to announce a significant milestone in the journey toward a more equitable future for all Caymanians.

Recognizing the pressing need to tackle housing and sheltering challenges, The Ministry (PAHI) has embarked on a transformative initiative by contracting Public Works LLC, a distinguished consultancy firm specializing in public infrastructure and development projects. Under this collaboration, The Ministry (PAHI) aims to develop a comprehensive Cayman Islands Public and Affordable Housing Policy (the “Policy”) and a forward-thinking 10-Year Strategic Plan (the “Plan”).

The Policy and Plan will serve as guiding documents to chart a course toward a future where every Caymanian has the opportunity to purchase an affordable home. The primary objective of these initiatives is to alleviate the housing crisis and bridge the gap that has persistently separated Caymanians from their dream of homeownership.

The Honourable Johany “Jay” Ebanks, Minister of Planning, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure, expressed his unwavering dedication to this cause, saying, “Our goal is not just to address the housing challenges but to revolutionize the way we approach housing solutions in the Cayman Islands. We want to create innovative pathways to homeownership that respect and honour our heritage and unique culture.”

Minister Ebanks further emphasized, “This initiative is a testament to our commitment to every Caymanian. We understand that affordable housing is not just a matter of economics but a cornerstone of a thriving community. With these policies and plans, we are taking bold steps toward a future where homeownership is within reach for all our citizens.”

The Policy and Plan will focus on several key areas:

1. Innovative Solutions: The initiatives will explore innovative approaches to affordable housing, including financial models, incentives, and sustainable housing practices that resonate with the Caymanian way of life.

2. Bridging the Gap: The comprehensive approach of the Policy and Plan will target vulnerable communities, aiming to decrease the divide between Caymanians and their ability to purchase affordable homes.

3. Cultural Preservation: Unique to these initiatives is a commitment to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands while providing modern, comfortable housing solutions for its residents.

4. Public-Private Collaboration: The Ministry (PAHI) recognizes the importance of collaboration with the private sector and other stakeholders to realize these ambitious housing goals successfully.

In the short term, The Ministry (PAHI) will work diligently with Public Works LLC to fast-track the development of the Policy and Plan, ensuring that the immediate housing needs of Caymanians are addressed effectively.

This monumental effort reflects the Cayman Islands Government’s dedication to the well-being of its citizens and the preservation of its cultural heritage. The Policy and Plan signify a renewed commitment to building a stronger, more equitable future where affordable housing is a reality for all Caymanians.

The Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure encourages all stakeholders and citizens to join hands in this transformative endeavour, which promises to create a brighter, more inclusive future for the Cayman Islands.

About the Ministry of Planning, Agriculture, Housing, and Infrastructure (PAHI):

Under the guidance of Hon. Minister Johany ‘’Jay’’ Ebanks, The Ministry of PAHI is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and economic prosperity of the Cayman Islands through comprehensive planning, sustainable agriculture, efficient housing solutions, and critical infrastructure development. Our mission is to create a resilient and thriving future for all residents and visitors.

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