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Health Care 18 Sep, 2019 Follow News


Have you ever heard of KOMBUHA TEA? It’s a most healthy, fermented tea used in various countries for thousands of years. It stock piled with antioxidants, kills harmful bacteria and fights several diseases. Here are some of its great benefits.


PROBIOTICS - This tea is believed to have originated in China or Japan. It’s made by adding specific strains of bacteria, yeast and sugar to black or green tea, allowing the mixture to ferment for a week. During this process the bacteria and yeast form a mushroom - like film on the surface of the liquid. Hence, it’s also known as, “mushroom tea.” The blob formed is a living, symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. A large amount of bacteria also grow in the mixture and are beneficial to digestion, inflammation and yes, weight loss.


GREEN TEA BENEFITS - Like green tea, it contains many bioactive compounds such as polyphenols, functioning as antioxidants. It assists in caloric burn, cholesterol enhancement, blood sugar balance, as well as, providing healing virtues to reduce the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancer.


ANTIOXIDATNS - These are substances that fight free radicals which are reactive molecules that damage cells. Scientists agree that antioxidants from foods and beverages are healthier than antioxidant supplements.


KILLS BACTERIA - This tea is extremely rich in polyphenols and acetic acid. Both have been shown to suppress the growth of undesirable bacteria and yeast.


HEART DISEASE - Records show that this disease in the number killer in the world. Tea, especially green and kombucha protect the LDL cholesterol particles form oxidation. This process is believed to vastly contribute to heart disease.


So, when you next feel to have a healthy, relaxing drink, reach for KOMBUCHA TEA.

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