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Local News 18 May, 2020 2 Comments Follow News

George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan

George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan has placed in the public domain an issue which has forced itself to the top of the agenda of countries around the world grappling with the challenges of reopening the economies.

That issue is; who looks after the children if parents are forced to return to work as lockdown is eased but while schools remain closed.

In a live social media post, Mr Bryan called on the government to provide clarity and guidance on the matter.

“Here’s where the problem lies,” he stated. “Who’s gonna watch the kids?”

He said “I was concerned about the lack of discussion” and the absence of a decision on the matter by the government “as its a real serious issue by families who may have to go back to work and have young kids.”

Referring to government regulations on social-distancing, including restrictions on people outside the immediate household, the George Town Central MLA lamented the challenges confronting parents where he said there are no educational facilities and no care services in place to support the parents in this situation.

Mr Brayan said he agrees with the plans top gradually reopen the economy but is worried that this critical aspect is being overlooked.

Saying he’d been contacted by his constituencies who have expressed concern about the uncertainties involved, MLA Bryan is calling on the government for clarity and “a real-life discussion which really needs to happen.”

“Where is the plan for this rollout?” he asked, stating, “I haven’t been involved in it. I want to be involved in it because somebody has to think about that.”

In a nod to advantages of female leadership, Mr Bryan said he was “worried that not enough of female touch has been involved in the thinking of stuff like that” especially when it comes to the care and welfare of children.

He is calling for wide public debate of the issue and is urging the government to come up with a clear policy plan and guidance on this issue which he said was a crucial hurdle to clear as the economy is gradually reopened.

“This is a very, very important hurdle as what we don’t want is for parents having to decide whether their children are protected or whether to keep their jobs.”

He said he also didn’t want businesses to be forced in that dilemma.

“Everybody is going to have a difficult choice to make if this matter is not addressed, and it needs to be thought about. It has to be discussed,” Mr Bryan said.

In urging the sharing of his Facebook Live post, he said it was important to get the government to address the matter as parents should not be placed in such an uncertain situation to make such a difficult choice between their jobs and their children.

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karina soto

19 May, 2020

Hi, I am glad to hear that Mr. Bryan is a concern father who unfersatand what parents are going true. Many people talk about everything but no body had mention before the struggle that parents are going true. I am very very happy to know that someone care about patents now. I am a mother of 3 boys who continue working and so is my husband. Is very hard for us to be taking my kids all over Cayman and keep asking favors from few relatives to help us with our kids while we are at work, and not only that, they are behind online school because they need proper help to understand their lessons. Now we working and doing homework with them after work is a lot , but at the same time can't loose our job to be with them. Thank you

Kattina Anglin

19 May, 2020

One of the greatest issues I saw arise in CV-19 was parenting. Suddenly, parents were at home 24/7 with child/children, without a helper, trying to balance housework, paid work, homework, schoolwork and sanity amidst all the harrowing death and public health concerns.

I heard their frustrations daily and their cries for help; and so many for "understanding".

I am delighted to see a focus placed on such an intrinsic subject and I have been mindful of the havoc having to return suddenly to work could cause.

I should adopt the "Village" mentality as best and as far as we can. Those whose income depended on tourism (and other unemployed) should willingly accept the care of our neighbourhood children as far as is practical, for one.

Many new self-employment opportunities are here for Caymanians; we would be wise to embrace them quickly, lest they slip away, with the training help needed to be provided through gov and yes, effective gov discussions on the way forward are necessary.