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Half a century of agricultural excellence

It was the “Big 50” – a half a century of showcasing the very cream of the crop – at the Stacy Watler Pavilion on in Lower Valley on Ash Wednesday, and everyone was sharing the celebration. There were cows, goats, rabbits, horses, chickens ….and that was just the animals.

05 Feb, 2018

Flashback: 2016 Agriculture show

If the 49th Annual Agriculture Show at the Stacy Watler Pavilion was anything to go by, agriculture of all types is growing and thriving in the Cayman Islands.

02 Feb, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Isabella Powery, 14 - West Bay - Sports

Isabella Powery has produced an impressive collection of sporting accomplishments in martial arts, track and rugby over the last several years.

31 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Jennelle McLaughlin, 25 – George Town - Community Service

At Elmslie Memorial United Church, Jennelle is known for her humility, conscientiousness, calm demeanour and willingness to assist others. Her life is replete with examples of service to the Cayman Islands through her involvement in various Christian ministries at her church including those of youth

31 Jan, 2018

Government buys new art for National Gallery’s permanent collection | Caymanian Times

Giving an important boost to the local art industry, Government has recently purchased five pieces of art earmarked as particularly outstanding contemporary works, all produced by local artists, Wray Banker, Horacio Esteban, Al Ebanks, Aston Ebanks and Brandon Saunders. The pieces, chosen by the Nat

28 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Joshewa Frederick-Charlery, 20 - George Town - Sports

Joshewa has played football since 2004 in the U13, U15, U17 and U21 and men’s local leagues. He subsequently went on to develop into a sought-after Premier League player competing for such outfits as Bodden Town and Academy football clubs. For most of his local football career Joshewa has also

22 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Ashli Brianne Welcome, 22 - Bodden Town – Academics

Ashli Welcome attended Cayman Prep and High School where she consistently received high academic achievement awards. She graduated from that school in 2012 and was recognised as Student of the Year, winning the Ernst and Young Award for excellence. She obtained the highest external examinations

22 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Sarah Clair Jackson, 17, - George Town – Academics

Sarah Clair Jackson is a true all-rounder.

18 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Kareem George Foster, 17, – Bodden Town – Sports

Amateur footballer Kareem Foster is a rising star in the sport. Having started playing in earnest in primary school, his natural ability and willingness to train hard led to him becoming the youngest ever member of the Truth for Youth School squad at seven-years-old. He captained the winning team in

18 Jan, 2018

PROUD OF THEM: Janelle Syms, 19, - West Bay - Academics

Janelle is highly respected by her peers, family and community. Janelle displays a loving and kind character. She encourages and supports all who come in contact with her. She has always excelled in academics from the early stages of primary school at Sir John A.

10 Jan, 2018
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