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Wednesday, Sep 27 2023, 08:05 PM
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Climate change a big worry for people

According to the results of a recent survey undertaken by the Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency, most people in Cayman consider climate change ‘very’ or ‘extremely important’ to them personally, and are ‘very’ or ‘extremely concerned’ that climate change will impact them in their lifet

24 Aug, 2022

Nesting Green rescued from poachers

A poaching attempt was intercepted by a DoE Conservation Officer, Chadd Bush last Saturday night in Grand Cayman.

10 Aug, 2022

Foster’s and DoE foil biosecurity risk

Last month an invasive green iguana was found by the Foster’s supermarket team hiding in a shipping container arriving from Florida.

10 Aug, 2022

Government responds to North Sound Sargassum influx

The Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency and Department of Environment are leading emergency response efforts to address the large amount of Sargassum seaweed in the North Sound of Grand Cayman.

29 Jul, 2022

Help track Cayman’s bats

Cayman’s bats are a wonderful sight to behold in the early evening, flitting about in the sunset; however, more knowledge is needed as to their location and numbers.

25 Jul, 2022

Festival to focus on coral loss

The Department of Environment’s Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) Response Team is holding Cayman’s first ever Coral Fest on Wednesday, 10 August from 5:30 – 7:30pm in the Governor’s Ballroom A at the Westin Hotel.

25 Jul, 2022

New eco-friendly spirits system launched

Agua Hospitality Group is bringing a brand-new eco-friendly spirits concept to Cayman, which they are calling a “huge step forward” for the industry.

07 Jul, 2022


It is hoped that Cayman’s projects in the European Union-funded RESEMBID scheme this year will be the start of a continuing series of projects in sustainable development for the jurisdiction.

24 May, 2022

Youth Climate and Sustainability Activists Creating Their Own Seat at the Table

Following a day of innovative and informative speakers, the National Trust of the Cayman Islands concluded their 35th anniversary Conference Day with an open discussion about the National Trust’s future legacy with a panel of knowledgeable and pioneering youth activists.

03 May, 2022

Groundbreaking of new desalination plant ensures WB water supply

With a constantly growing population, and no freshwater lakes or rivers, the provision of fresh, potable water to the people of the Cayman Islands is clearly of vital importance.

26 Apr, 2022
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