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Health Care

3 Dieting hacks that work

Working out hard is an essential part of any fat loss plan. It sculpts your muscles, raises your resting metabolism, whittles down your waist and gives you functional strength and endurance.

12 Aug, 2021

Recycling made easier for HSA staff and visitors

Recycling is easier and more convenient for staff, patients and visitors at the HSA with the recent expansion of the healthcare organisation’s recycling programme in partnership with JUNK, a collection service in the Cayman Islands that aims to reduce the waste stream....

10 Aug, 2021

Stop Being Fooled

Are you still looking forward to the day that you’ll be lean and fit? Do you tell yourself that you’ll start living healthy tomorrow? Or next week?

04 Aug, 2021

Cayman Heart Fund Health Screening Event promotes health and wellness in the community

On Saturday 17 July 2021, the staff and volunteers of the Cayman Heart Fund (CHF) transformed the Teacher Redley Powery Library in West Bay into a healthy heart clinic for their first Health Screening Event of 2021.

28 Jul, 2021

This is why your diets don’t work

Have you noticed how people jump onboard with a popular fad diet, lose 5, 10 or even 20 pounds…only to gain it all back and then some? Why does this happen? It’s actually a simple concept, and once you understand it you will be forever saved from the tortures of yo-yo dieting.

28 Jul, 2021

Chasing that feeling

Do you have a goal weight? Or do you have a goal feeling? IT’S NOT ABOUT REACHING A NUMBER. A number on the scale is just an idea. How do you get that idea to become reality?

22 Jul, 2021

UCCI Nursing Students ACE Exams

Nursing students at the University College of the Cayman Islands have continued a winning streak tradition. Nine graduates, representing the fourth cohort of the program, all passed their Regional Examination for Nurse Registration, or RENR.

15 Jul, 2021

3 ways to snack smarter

What are you eating for your snacks and small meals? <== This is SUPER important! If you’re eating the wrong thing every 2-3 hours then it’s easy to gain weight quickly, rather than the result that you want ==> which is to drop fat and clothes sizes.

15 Jul, 2021

HSA shares progress and plans during health minister’s tour

Health Minister Hon Sabrina Turner received a warm and enlightening welcome from the Health Services Authority (HSA) staff as she visited the Cayman Islands Hospital and Faith Hospital, where she was informed of the key achievements and future developments of the Authority.

07 Jul, 2021

Power Naps: Why You Need Them

It’s 3 in the afternoon and you can barely keep your eyes open. Your mind feels foggy, and all you want to do is curl up under your desk for 20 minutes and take a nap. But cutting-edge, productive people don’t take naps, do they?

07 Jul, 2021
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