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Letter from our reader: 'Colours Cayman'

Community Voice 25 Dec, 2019 7 Comments Follow News

Letter from our reader: 'Colours Cayman'

Dear Editor:

The Cayman Compass recently ran an article titled “Colours Cayman: Deportation comments in LA ‘blatant and gross abuse of power’”, which has provoked this response from me and on behalf of many, many others who shared their own views on this article and demand with me.

Colours Cayman’s demands for an apology from elected representatives, the Honourable Anthony Eden and Honourable Ezzard Miller on the issues of the “same-sex marriage delusion” (SSM)and the violation of Cayman laws by Mr Leonardo Raznovich is absolutely ludicrous.

How does one demand elected lawmakers who know the law and are defending/enforcing it to apologize to a foreigner who knows the law and broke it?

Contrary to Colour Cayman’s spokesman Mr Billie Bryan’s view, Hon. Anthony Eden is very much aware of the sunshine around him; the only person refusing to face the reality of the non-existence of “SSM” as a human “right” is Mr Billie Bryan himself.

A “right” to “SSM” does not exist in the Cayman Islands according to the latest ruling of the Cayman Islands Courts of Appeal on this matter, not in international law nor in the ECHR who declared that marriage was determined by national Constitutions. Ours does not recognize it.

Regarding their advisory to Cabinet to investigate Mr Raznovich’s actions and deport him under the law if applicable, we must be mindful that the stability of this (and any) country can be undermined by anyone from inside the country. According to the law, Mr Raznovich is to refrain from political and subversive activity; there aren’t any exceptions cited, such as “except in cases of advocacy for perceived human rights”.

It is not customary (nor commonly accepted by the host country) for a migrant to advocate against its government and laws, its social and cultural rights, lobby against its judiciary and bring the country to global disrepute while simultaneously creating a divide amongst its citizens (unless your desire is ultimately to destroy the country or divide and conquer it).

It is not sound doctrine for a citizen of the country to undermine our political stability by demanding our politicians when acting in the defence of the country to apologize for what they perceived to be criminal behaviour of a guest in the country.

The only apology due is from Mr Bryan to Hons. Eden and Miller, to the entire LA, to the whole country for attempting to mislead us at the risk of creating a (greater) dissension among our Caymanian population.

Hons. Eden and Miller should be applauded for taking action to protect the country from risk of destabilization, dissension and protecting the social and cultural rights of many quiet Caymanians.

We have our Constitution and laws; we ALL have to abide by them. NO ONE is above the law.

God bless the Cayman Islands and may His word reign supreme in this country.

Kattina Anglin,
Cayman CAUSE.

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Shauna Haylock

26 Dec, 2019

Thanks for writing this article.
God bless our Cayman Islands ??.


26 Dec, 2019

Very well said

How long will we allow persons to come into our country and attack our morals, values and our politicians who stand for right in our country?

Thanks for those caymanians that will utter their disgust at persons coming into our island and try to berate our principles and way of life.

If u dont like our island , there 's is lots of flights leaving

Who ever still does not understand that marriage is not a human right must be hiding under a rock

Please accept that many of us caymanians fear the wrath of God for allowing wrong to fester in our idland

Wilma Ebanks

27 Dec, 2019

You said it all Kattina!

Susan Cowans

28 Dec, 2019

Dear Katrina,
Congratulations on a well written letter. May God continue to bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

There is only one thing I would like to add, this letter was long over due., but again thank you, and all the God fearing people of the Cayman Islands thank you. Shalom

France Parchment

01 Feb, 2020

Hi Ms. Anglin,
I applaud your efforts to be in the forefront to speak on these issues. I thank God for you. The quiet Caymanians truly need a voice and you are that voice.
I also applaud Mr. Eden and Mr. Miller.
With regards to colour cayman. GOD, Who is the creator of the universe, the Great I AM, the Alpha & the Omega, the Begining & the End coloured the Cayman Islands the way He wanted to, before anyone existed upon it; therefore, we shouldn’t allow any other artist to paint their colours in these Islands.
Remember Sodom & Gomorrah.

Very Dissappointed

18 Feb, 2020


I have an issue with Minister Eden's way of defending our country. He linked earthquakes and natural disasters would come upon us if we allowed same-sex marriage or civil unions to be passed into law. To me, he is making our side look fanatical, and many others are routing for the LGBTI because they do not want such a leader in power. Yes, we all have our beliefs, but when dealing with LGBTI community we have to remember a lot of them are rational thinkers. If we act like we are not rational, and always quoting talking snakes, then how can we relate with them? They will have much to accuse us on. I don't Eden sees this and as a Minister he has to remember he is representing the people of Savannah - not just churches in Savannah. There are a lot of other ways in exposing the LGBTI without having to resort to religious defenses. Such defenses based on belief should be used sparingly and cautiously. Beliefs can easily be twisted by the other side and make us look prehistoric.


13 Aug, 2020

Minister Eden

May be religious but he is a man with good intentions.

And he speaks a lot of truths.

If the MLA's had listen to him from the beginning, we wouldn't had been in this mess now.

We give these LGBT an inch, they demand a mile. And now they have the Governor on their side undermining the wishes of the Caymanian People !