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Online Poll Results

Health Care 28 Jun, 2022 Follow News

Online Poll Results

Question: As Inflation grips the Cayman Islands, should COVID regulations be removed?

340 votes

Yes                                                          70.0%

No                                                      11.47%

Partially                                            16.18%

Doesn’t matter to me                           2.06%

Other                                                      0.29%


Time to let us be adults again. Cold and flu 19 has been milked long enough.

Still too risky to completely remove especially in crowded areas.

Travel Cayman needs to go at the same time. Move the people to BCU and WORC, those to are so behind, they obviously need more people.

Masks and vaccines have not been proved, or rather have proved to be ineffective. Stop the control now and open fully the island. Stop discriminating against the unvaccinated

Long overdue.

The world has moved on. Cayman should do the same.

Not sure how inflation and COVID regulations are intertwined?

We need to keep protecting ourselves and others

The solution for Covid, for those that accept a solution, is the vaccine. I’m not willing to wear a mask for the rest of my life because people don’t want to be vaccinated.

Just make them equitable, or enforce them. Overnight tourists should not test if cruise passengers are not. If tourists are not being mandated to wear masks (and enforced), remove the mandate for locals.

Investigate - vaccine injury in the Cayman Islands - rise in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome - rise in fibrous blood clots found in the bodies of vaccinated dead/alive as a result of the vaccine - effects of keeping school children masked re. social skills - language skills - increased anxiety in children. How they have very secretly reduced the number of words a toddler should be able to speak from 50 to 30 because of masking! Lets talk about MRNA vaccines Pizer/ WHO - the meeting held recently in Bath UK re. effects of MRNA vaccines - vaccine mandates - vaccinating the young etc. What future health challenges have we set our young people up for when their risk of severe COVID was so reduced anyway because of age & health yet we’ve vaccinated them with an experimental vaccine? Effectiveness of masking. The erosion of personal liberty by enforcing mandates. Redacted information in the Pizer documents that they have been forced to release every 1st of the month - how the vaccine was launched under emergency powers under normal circumstances would not of been released due to the large number of side effects. It’s time to get real with the people of the Cayman Islands - stop posting get boosted now signs around the place! The drug is still experimental. Where is the Wellness part of our Health Ministry why haven’t they been talking about how we can be a proactive nation and consider our diet /exercise regimes which could reduce co-morbilities. Stop reporting about the unvaccinated as if they are outcasts - when they announce the hospitalised report the vaccinated and the unvaccinated - the truth is this is not a vaccine!

This should have happened once we reached 75% vaccination rate!

What do the regulations have to do with inflation? This survey is pointless.

Should have been eliminated a year ago!!!

Long overdue people are losing their houses to being repossessed because tourist don’t want to spend 100 buks a kid to get tested before they come ridiculous.

Western Australia has had probably the strictest rules worldwide, but they let them out of isolation when still testing positive because it’s acknowledged that they are no longer contagious. Certain rules that have serious consequences are outdated here in Cayman at the moment.

It’s time to move on. We all know how to protect ourselves by now.

Because I’m hearing impaired, it has been a struggle and very challenging two years because of the mask. So I’m hoping it can be lifted soon.

I don’t know what this has to do with inflation... but we should definitely remove covid restrictions

Hell yes. Time to move on.

The Pandemic ended ages ago. It has been long since proven that most of the measures taken don’t make any significant difference to transmission and whats worse is that the restrictions have caused immeasurable damage to the economy and peoples mental health and well-being. Mask mandates are totally pointless especially for children, who have already lost so much in terms of education and normal social interaction. The longer these ridiculous rules stay in place the more damage they do. Everyone I know is sick and tired of this, but feel that resistance is futile since the initial fear-mongering at the outset was so efficiently executed that the vast majority of people have been literally brainwashed by mass media’s warped representation of the facts. Thank you for providing this opportunity for the public to provide feedback.

Covid is here to stay and life needs to go back to normal!

Especially the outdated and unnecessary travel cayman needs to be disbanded.


I’m having a very hard time feeding my family on 1 salary.

Would be great if the government could remove duties for items being bought overseas to help families.

Getting sick & going broke are not necessarily related. Hardship does not make us exempt from social responsibility.

Inflation has nothing to do with Covid regulations.

What does inflation have to do with covid regulations?

vaccination requirements should be removed. keep masks.

Incoming negative tests should remain.

In coming should be screened, we do not have the resources for a mass outbreak. This should be for cruise ship passengers as well!!

There needs to be a fundamental understanding which there isn’t we can’t throw open the borders and expect no chaos.

Nothing to do with inflation. Masks mandates to go though a commercial door then remove it makes no sense. Let people decide if they want to still wear it. The rest of us is fed up with this.

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