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Health Care 04 Mar, 2020 Follow News


Open any health magazine or search page and one thing you are sure to find abundant news about is - OMEGA-3 FISH OIL. Many people take this because they heard it’s good for them, but seldom do they why.

Omega-3’s are essential oils or fatty acids. The human body does not manufacture this for itself. However, there’s a naturally occurring source in plants and fish. Some plants and plant- eating animals produce Omega-3 fatty acids. Your body has to convert this plant based quality to activate two of their most beneficial components, DHAs and EPAs. Sea creatures are the main source of Omega-3 supplements. Their fatty acids are water soluble and assimilated easily by the body.

An Omega-3 deficiency can lead to disease that cause premature death and hence are classified as essential oils or essential fatty acids. You MUST HAVE THEM IN YOUR DIET. Omega oils include Omega-3, 6 which is an unhealthy oil, and 9. “It is to be noted that modern food processing has radically increased the Omega-6s we ingest. The result is that today’s Americans consume thirty times more of this junk food oil than Omega-3. That’s an unhealthy equation,” says Dr. Michael Pinkus in his newsletter, “Health Matters.”

Dr. Pinkus also believes that the healthiest source of Omegga-3s is Krill. Yes, that sea creature. It’s loaded with great nutrients. When your body is flooded with Omega-3s, they go to work cancelling out the negative effects of Omega-6s. And just that you know. Omega-3s are a must to support your brain, nervous system, heart, cells, hormones and so much more.

The antioxidants in Krill oil are 30 times more powerful than vitamin E. But for me the biggest benefit is that your burps are not fishy. Also, it helps with pain, your brain health and veins. It assimilates quickly into your body and it’s the most abundant biomass on the planet. So, it’s time you get on the Krill bandwagon. Until next time, have a healthy week. Here’s a top Krill brand supplement you should be using.

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