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Batabano Committee welcomes the return to one parade on Grand Cayman

There is much still to be determined with regards to the new parade logistics and new administrative structure for Government’s sponsorship of Batabano

08 May, 2019

Cayman Carnival Batabano pays homage to Cayman’s turtling heritage at Junior Batabano

Junior Batabano is set to hit the streets of George Town on Saturday May 11, 2019 with the theme “Once Upon A Turtle”, which pays homage to Cayman’s turtling heritage.

08 May, 2019

Le Masque dinner show returns to Batabano

Held on Thursday May 2, 2019, Le Masque is an exclusive dinner and show event offering local residents and visitors an elegant dining experience under the stars.

17 Apr, 2019


This celebration is a commitment to its own culture and traditions that intertwine magnificently with elements of fantasy for which it is classified as the most important fair of the country.

12 Apr, 2019

Azucar joins Batabano 2019

Azúcar is Spanish for sugar. Mas Azúcar is a Latin Carnival band experience coming to Cayman’s National Carnival, Batabano on May 4th 2019. Mas Azúcar will provide an explosion of energy from the sweet sounds of salsa, reggaeton and merengue.

03 Apr, 2019

“Flirt” with Illusions Mas Band for Cayman Carnival Batabano 2019

The theme – Flirt - was conceptualized by band leader Tiffany Rankine who says that she was influenced by the behavior of her friends at Carnival time in their beautiful costumes, enjoying themselves and flirting. She wants to bring this joyful feeling to the masqueraders of her band.

01 Feb, 2019

2019 National Heroes Day Celebrations Set

“On this day, we will come together to pay tribute to the Vestrymen and Justices of the Peace who understood the importance of the Cayman’s Islands having a visual identity,” Premier, Hon. Alden McLaughlin remarks.

23 Jan, 2019

Rotary Club Annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party

Cayman’s Governor, Mrs Helen Kilpatrick was there serving up food: “I think this is a fantastic occasion for the whole community coming together to have a party for the seniors. We’re very grateful to everyone who has donated this amazing meal and I really hope that everyone enjoys it,” she said.

10 Dec, 2018

George Town celebrates its heritage

Each of Grand Cayman’s five districts have held their own individual district Heritage Day as part of the Pirate’s Week celebrations this year, and on Thursday it was the turn of George Town to round off the week of heritage celebration.

14 Nov, 2018

Pirates landing

Parades and pageantry were the order of the day on Saturday when the pirates landed in the Cayman Islands – for the 41st time, to start off a week of fun and revelry. Everyone crowded around George Town waterfront to see what was happening.

12 Nov, 2018
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