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CI Strongman Event This Weekend

Admission to the Cayman Islands Strongman Competition is $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under. Doors open at 1pm and competition begins at 2pm. Food and drinks will also be on sale.

02 Oct, 2019

Opposition Members Deeply Concerned by Cruise Line Executives Visit

Mr. Mclean reiterated his call for a fair, open and transparent referendum process, and condemned what appears to be the Governments unrelenting acts of interference and voter manipulation.

02 Oct, 2019

Three RCIPS police officers celebrate 30 Years of Service

August 25th was a big day for the RCIPS because that was when it marked the 30th anniversary of service for three of its most dedicated officers: Inspector Rudolph Gordon, Inspector Eustace Joseph and Senior Police Constable Stephen Myers.

30 Sep, 2019

Stayover visitors increase, cruise numbers down

The same performance has not been found with cruise visitor arrivals however, with cruise arrivals for the same period decreasing by six per cent. A press release by the DoT noted that this was “of concern given the consistent decline for the past four months.”

30 Sep, 2019

DG’s 5K Run Great Success

In its sixth year, the DG’s Run benefits three lucky charities each year, with this year’s recipients including the Alex Panton foundatin, the Cayman Islands Special Needs Foundation and the Crisis Center.

30 Sep, 2019

CPR Cayman Responds to Royal Caribbean President’s Public Comments on Cruise Port

With only 76 square miles, we must take in to considerations Grand Cayman’s infrastructural carrying capacity.

27 Sep, 2019 2 Comments


The Utility Regulation and Competition Office is delighted to announce that Mr. Malike Cummings has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer.

27 Sep, 2019

The Countdown to An Eventful Older Persons Month Begins

“The Older Persons Month calendar is now available in public outlets and online, and I strongly urge seniors, their families and carers of seniors to familiarise themselves with the events scheduled throughout next month and attend as many events as possible.”

27 Sep, 2019

Robotic surgery pioneer warns of increase in throat cancer

Dr. Carlos Perez-Mitchell has been at the forefront of new techniques in robotic surgery, which allow surgeons to perform operations in places of the human body that are otherwise very difficult to access.

25 Sep, 2019


The Opening Ceremony was attended by His Excellency Governor Martyn Roper, and the Hon. Minister Joseph (Joey) Hew, who switched on the Solar Array. This installation is currently the third largest in the Cayman Islands.

25 Sep, 2019
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