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Opinions & Editorial

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Opinions & Editorial

EDITORIAL: Stay-Cation in Paradise. Exploring Cayman’s Tourist Attractions

In a few weeks schools will close for the summer vacation and families are finalizing arrangements on ways to spend their six weeks of free time. For many, the economic crunch still limits their vacation plans as reductions in disposable income,

10 Jun, 2019

EDITORIAL: Voters may soon have their say. Are you ready?

It is now clear that registered voters in the Cayman Islands may have a chance to have an official say on the divisive topic on whether government should move ahead with its plans for the cruise berthing project in George Town.

05 Jun, 2019

EDITORIAL: Walking the walk and talking the talk

We’re blessed to be able to call these islands with a combined 102 square miles our home – permanently for some, others are just passing through.

17 May, 2019

EDITORIAL: Discovery day

Discovery Day will be celebrated on Monday May 20th in the Cayman Islands and even though the main focus will be the 60th Year Coat of Arms celebration, we must pause to remember a bit of our history. Our future is orchestrated by our past and the seeds we sow today will eventually bear fruit.

15 May, 2019

EDITORIAL: Prayers were answered

“They sky is falling!” proclaimed fictional children’s character, Chicken Little after an acorn dropped from a tree and hit her on the head. The naïve youngster thought in all reality that she had witnessed a sign of the end of times.

13 May, 2019

EDITORIAL: Happy Mothers’ day

We will celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday May 12, 2019, and as we take a pause from our busy schedules of business development, education and job seeking, we wish to say a heartfelt Thank You to all Mothers.

08 May, 2019

EDITORIAL: When common sense prevails

Trinidadian soca songstress Destra Garcia proclaimed in her timeless hit ‘Fly’ that “is all about unity, togetherness, carnival time we love de jamming, all ah we collectively”.

06 May, 2019

EDITORIAL: Balancing long-term vision with immediate needs

All signs are pointing upward for the Cayman Islands. At least, that’s what the latest government statistics show. The economy is doing well, tourist arrivals are up, and government’s balance sheet gives those responsible for government’s finances something to smile about.

01 May, 2019

EDITORIAL: Protecting our turtles

Those tasked with protecting our natural environment have signalled that the turtle nesting season is underway.

24 Apr, 2019

EDITORIAL: A time for reflection

Easter is a time that some associate with a long weekend to relax and unwind, perhaps camping at the beach or simply at home.

19 Apr, 2019
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