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Tuesday, Aug 16 2022, 05:30 PM
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Health Care

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Health Care

HSA invests in EMT training for Caymanians

Eight Caymanians with varying backgrounds are training to help save lives by becoming Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) through the Health Services Authority’s (HSA’s) fully funded EMT Training Programme.

31 May, 2022

Health Minister says new Health City Oncology Day Care Suite at Camana Bay represents hope

The number of people living with various forms of cancer is on the increase and against that backdrop, the Cayman Islands’ Minister for Health and Wellness, Hon. Sabrina Turner, has described the opening of a new Health City Cayman Islands treatment facility as a ray of hope.

28 May, 2022

Monkeypox Cases Increase Overseas, Cayman to be Aware

New cases of human monkeypox have been found in several European countries, the United States, Canada and Australia. No cases have been detected in the Caribbean to date.

28 May, 2022

How to Get Back on Track...

Have your weight loss results stopped? Or never got started?

28 May, 2022

Health City Cayman Islands founder promises expanded educational opportunities, as staff are rewarded for excellent service

Dr. Devi Shetty, the world renowned cardiac surgeon whose vision it was to create Health City Cayman Islands, has said he plans to further establish the internationally accredited specialty hospital as a leading medical education institution serving the Caribbean and other countries....

19 May, 2022

Missing ingredient for fat loss

There is one simple missing ingredient for fat loss that explains why most people haven’t yet reached their goals. It just may be the one thing that’s holding you back from your big breakthrough.

19 May, 2022

Integra Healthcare Joins Forces with Doctors Hospital

Doctors Hospital (“DH”) has announced its acquisition of Integra Healthcare Ltd with a view to co-developing next-generation healthcare for patients in Cayman

07 May, 2022

5 Signs Your Diet Is a Fail

You’ve considered it for weeks, months, years even. And now is the time that you’ve decided to make a change and go on that diet. But don’t just dive in feet first.

06 May, 2022

The 9 Gifts of Fitness

Physical fitness. It’s a goal, a lifestyle, a surefire way to set yourself apart from the legions of people who are too lazy or scared to make the changes necessary to gain physical fitness.

28 Apr, 2022

Covid Vaccination Schedule

Covid Vaccination

26 Apr, 2022
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