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Flag Football Update

Sports 30 Apr, 2021 Follow News

Flag Football Update

The Burger King COED League saw some more exciting games in week seven of the season giving us a glimpse of what the playoffs will be looking like as we come close to the end of the season.

Game one featured Sandbar vs the Bird’s who with no surprise bounced back from last week’s loss with a 20-6 victory over Sandbar. Quarterback David Taylor connected with Rupert Whittaker and Ashley Wood for touchdowns during the game. Rupert Whittaker had a beautiful one-handed interception which changed the movement in first half. Quarterback Mike Carey of Sandbar combine with one of his female operatives would score a touchdown of their own. The Bird (20) Sandbar (6)

Over on field two Burger King faced off against Burger Shack in the first set of games for the night. In a one-sided affair, Burger Shack got out in front and never looked back, spreading the ball around effectively for touchdown passes from Perry Levy to Kaleb Ebanks and Cassandra Bodden. Burger King led by Richard Campbell stayed together and played through the Burger Shack barrage but it would prove too much by the final whistle with the contest ending in a score of 40-0. Burger Shack (40) Burger King (0)

With team Deloitte missing few key players this week, Deloitte showed that they were a team not to overlook. Led this week by quarterback Taj Haye Deloitte began with a good start to their game scoring early with touchdown by veteran Carly Dignam followed then with a touchdown from Jen Choice. Maples, showing lots of heart and talent from “the amazing” Shawn Jackson who made several defensive plays to interrupt Deloitte and a 2-point conversion return made by Duncan Calvin putting them on the scoreboard before end of the first half. Deloitte’s defense kept it tight not allowing anymore points for Maples as Jerry Beck adds another touchdown in second half to finish the game with a score of Deloitte (19) vs Maples (2)


Cayman Auto (7) Magnum (6)

Team Magnum starts the game with quarterback Tonia Ebanks making some key throws to Josh Whittaker, Cedric Gidarisingh and Joel Townsend who puts their team in scoring position. Ebanks manages to connect with Cedric Gidarisingh and score the first touchdown of the evening.

Robbie Cribb of Cayman Auto steps up with his offense team for their first drive of the night. Robbie throws to Tracey Seymour who gives their team a first down. Avoiding a sack from Magnum’s rush Cribb takes off running placing their team mid field. Robbie is almost sacked again by a hard rush from Magnum but was able to avoid a sack and complete a key throw to Jahrion Bodden who puts their team in scoring position. Magnum kept the pressure on Robbie Cribb as a rush was sent on 4th and short, Cribb manages to get the ball off to try and connect with Seymour in the end zone but bobbling of the ball prevented her from completing the catch. Turnover on down and Magnum offense is back on the field. Magnum gets in scoring position, but Cayman Auto defense would not let up and manages to have the ball turn back over to them just before the half whistle.

Second half starts with cayman auto in possession of the ball. Robbie throws to Sarafina McField who gets the first down. Robbie then throws to Jamal Bodden, a key player of their team who manages to put points on the scoreboard for Cayman Auto tying the game 6-6. Extra point conversion was sent to Jahrion Bodden who completes the catch placing Cayman Auto in the led over the Magnum Chargers. Magnum tries to regain the lead, but several attempts turn the ball back to Cayman Auto. The game was tight, but magnum is calm and ready to extend their lead. Cayman Auto’s Chrisella Connor gets her first down of the game from a run play. Robbie throws to Jahrion who made a near impossible catch at mid field as his fingers clinches the ball; he managed to gain control of the ball and a get away from the defense as he blasts down the sidelines with the end zone in his sight. But the touchdown was saved by Theo Edman of Magnum on the 5-yard line which prevented Cayman Auto from scoring a touchdown. The pressure is on and it is just under the two-minute warning. At this point it is still anybody’s game. Magnum has the ball on offense and Josh Whittaker runs to the 35 yd line. 8 seconds left on the game clock and magnum still has a chance to score, a hand off by Tonia to Josh again has him running hard to get to the end zone as he dashes and dancing through Cayman Auto defense. Despite his attempt to divert Cayman Auto, the clock runs out, Magnum failed to score and it’s Cayman Auto for their second win. Final Score Cayman Auto (7) Magnum Chargers (6)


Tribe (39) Credit Union (6)

Tribe's Tattoo faces Credit Union in a what appears to be a very one-sided game. Tribe quarterback Carlo would find Ed Pellot-Rosa, Tajae Grey, Justin Connolly, and Scimone Campbell who all scored touchdowns with Paul McField to convert an extra point. A 50-yard dash down the sideline from Agueda Blake places Tribe in great scoring position with Andrew Wisdom as quarterback to complete a pass to Pellot-Rosa who scores the touchdown and Chris Rankin to convert the extra points.

Credit Union's would answer back with Ernest Ebanks as quarterback who sends a long pass to Tiffany Ebanks who was left all alone in the back field. Ebanks completes the catch and dashes down the middle of the field with tribe’s defense on the pursuit. Shifting to second gear, Ebanks would find the end zone to score the first touchdown for Credit Union. The extra point conversion however was no good. Good flag pulls by Lisbeth Ebanks of Credit Union stops Justin Connolly in his tracks. With just under 5 mins left on the clock Andrew Wisdom would find Scimone Campbell. Despite Credit Unions good defensive tactics, it was not enough to keep the Tribe down as they end the game with Tribe (39) Credit Union (6)

Coming in with both having a record of 5-1, there was a bit extra riding on the need to win as Popeyes and PD’S face off for the last game of the night. The regular season has 2 weekends left and then we’re onto the playoffs. Led by Dimitri Chisholm, the PD’s crew would start with the ball and score from their first drive. Failing to convert the extra point, PDs would lead 6-0, but not for long. Popeyes would make use of their first drive with quarterback Brendon Malice connecting with LaRue Nixon to score a touchdown and extra point. This would allow Popeyes to claim the lead 7-6. The game would continue to go back and forth with not only both teams making great plays offensively, but also on defense. Keisha Solomon and Christsania Parker helped PD’s keep Pressure on Popeyes, with Glenita Logan and Brian Bodden doing the same on the other side. Cueme Parker and Fabio Gall would add more touchdowns for PDs with Patterson and the Popeyes gang answering right back for the hot chicken crew. At the end of the game it would come down to extra points and who converted them effectively. The game would end in a 21-20 victory to Popeyes after Brian Bodden would deny Cueme Parker a reception and the game clock would expire. Popeyes (21) PDs (20)


Players of the games from week 7 is as follow:

Game 1: Burger Shack’s Cassandra Bodden and Kaleb Ebanks

Game 2: The Bird’s Ashley Wood and Rupert Whittaker

Game 3: Deloitte’s Carly Dignam and Jerry Beck

Game 4: Cayman Auto’s Sarafina McField and Jamal Bodden

Game 5: Popeyes’s Glenita Logan and Abdul Patterson

Game 6: Tribe’s Agueda Blake and Carlo Ylagan

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